This no-bake low carb dessert is impossible to resist (+6 more desserts)

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Just because you've switched to a lower-carb diet doesn't mean you have to banish dessert from your life; on the contrary, there are plenty of low-carb dessert recipes out there for you to try and enjoy.
From mousses to pumpkin desserts to serve for the holidays, there's something for every low-carb palate on the list of goodies and treats shown in the videos below.
No-bake banana split cheesecake (h/t Low Carb Yum)
Get all of the flavor of your favorite ice cream indulgence without having to wait in line at the ice cream parlor (and without worrying about carbs). The video below shows how.
Watch how simple it is to make a no-bake cherry cheesecake
No-bake cheesecakes are some of the creamiest, tastiest treats out there, and to find one that's low in carbs? Even better. This would be a great treat for any holiday or just a humdrum weeknight.
Low-carb mousse pudding (h/t Listotic)
Treat yourself without spending a lot of time in the kitchen with this simple recipe that only requires two ingredients. You can even customize the flavors to suit your own tastes.
Crustless low-carb pumpkin pie (h/t Living With Beth)
It's hard enough to try to eat healthfully at the holidays without having to worry about the temptation of the dessert table. Thankfully, this recipe will provide a tasty and low-carb choice that you and all of your guests can enjoy together.
Low-carb chocolate lasagna (h/t Low Carb Maven)
Made with real ingredients (read: the kind that comes from natural and not the lab), this indulgent-tasting treat nets few carbs per serving. Can you believe it's chocolate lasagna?
Low-carb peanut butter pie (h/t Our Life Tastes Good)
Some folks get burned out on nut butters when they're trying to lower their carb intake and increase their protein consumption. On the other hand, a peanut butter pie that whips up with just a handful of ingredients will keep you coming back for more.
Healthy one-minute iced gingerbread mug cake (h/t The Big Man's World)
Mug cakes fit the bill when you want a little taste of something but don't have any treats on hand. A single serving makes sure you can stop yourself from overindulging. (The blogger behind this recipe also provides a way to convert the recipe into a bake-in-the-oven, traditional cake recipe, but if you're counting carbs and calories, never mind that.)
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