If it's been a while since you cleaned your fridge, you should take a look at these 6 tips

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The fridge never seems like a place that needs cleaning until a spill happens or you have company coming. Although it's a cold environment, mold and bacteria can still grow. Regular cleanings can keep you healthier and extend the life of your refrigerator.
These six cleaning tips will blow your mind. They reveal how easy it is to get a thorough cleaning of one of the most used appliances in your home.
1. Use steam to clean out your ice dispenser
The picture above reveals how dirty the inside of an icemaker can become. Being a damp area, it will naturally attract mold and mildew. Start by turning the ice maker off while working on it. Shabby Creek Cottage uses a steam cleaner to inject steam into the icemaker and shoot. The next step is to wipe up all the dirty water that drains out, then continue until the drippings are clean.
2. Clean out the insides with ease
Wiping out the inside of your fridge is a huge chore — especially if it's full of food. The quickest and easiest way to clean it is to remove everything from the fridge. This makes the spraying, wiping and scrubbing go much faster because you aren't shuffling items around. Once the interior has been cleaned, you can put things back in nicely organized.
3. Use a homemade fridge cleaning solution (h/t Centsable Momma)
This homemade cleaning paste will deep clean and deodorize your refrigerator. Mix baking soda with enough white vinegar to make a paste. Apply to the interior of the fridge and let it rest for 20 minutes. In the meantime, wash the removable shelves and drawers with hot water and dish soap. After 20 minutes, wipe down the interior with a clean sponge, rinsing frequently. Your fridge will look brand new!
4. Give your fridge a quick cleaning
Sometimes you just have time for a quick spritz of cleaner. This homemade cleaner is completely food safe and all natural. You can easily use it without removing everything from your fridge. Combine 1 cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of hot water and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Simply spray and wipe off. It couldn't be easier!
5. Solve a stinky fridge problem
Sometimes life happens and a refrigerator takes on a horrific odor. Perhaps it's been sitting in storage or had food left in it. The first step is to clean it well with a strong cleaner, either commercial or homemade. Then fill the entire fridge with crumpled newspaper. Add a generous amount of charcoal. After a few days, the odor should be gone.
6. Keep things contained using creative bins
When your cold items are neatly organized in bins and containers, not only can you find things, but you're easily able to clean up spills and messes. You have only to remove the bins and containers instead of each individual item. If a spill happens, it doesn't get on everything. Plus, it looks amazing when someone opens the fridge!
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