Puree broccoli and form it to a muffin tin to make this tasty low carb treat

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Broccoli: you either love it or you hate it, right?
Wrong! The recipes below dress up broccoli with a variety of different flavors that help bring the tree-shaped veggie into a new light.
From turning broccoli stems into noodles with an Asian twist to creating little muffin cups out of a parmesan-and-broccoli blend, these bloggers have written recipes that broccoli's never seen before (and neither have you!) Best of all, they're all quick, easy, and low-carb. What are you waiting for? Dig in!
1. Cheesy chicken broccoli and quinoa casserole
Are you on a healthy, low-carb, low-sugar diet but you're still craving those comfort casseroles? It can seem like there's no hope. That you're never going to have a rich, delicious dish filled with creamy goodness again. But, that's actually not the case. As the recipe that follows shows, you can have all that goodness and all that cheesiness, without feeling any guilt at all. Get the full recipe here.
2. Garlic parmesan broccoli (h/t Homemade Hooplah)
This recipe offers a quick and easy way to bring a load of flavor into an easy weeknight side dish.
3. Broccoli stem noodles with sesame ginger dressing (h/t All Day I Dream About Food)
When you eat light, you tend to feel light--and you tend to feel hungry, too. Because these noodles are made from fiber-rich broccoli, you'll feel fuller than you would with carby noodles. A great side or lunch salad!
4. Easy low carb lemon & feta mashed broccoli (h/t My Keto Kitchen)
Lemon juice and feta brighten up this mash that goes well with any meaty main dish. (Tip: add a bit of lemon zest if you want even more lemon flavor.)
5. Broccoli-cauliflower soup (h/t Eat Well 101)
A cold winter's day calls for a hearty veggie soup. It comes together so easily; you might as well make a second batch to freeze!
6. Low carb broccoli salad (h/t The Low Carb Diet)
This broccoli salad packs plenty of crunch and punch thanks to almonds, onions, and bacon! Don't expect a sweet dressing; this dish is savory all the way.
7. Cheesy broccoli bites (h/t Super Healthy Kids)
This recipe isn't just for kids (although they will love helping you turn the steamed and processed broccoli into dough!) Serve plain or with a yogurt dip as a snack or an app.
8. Cashew chicken and broccoli stir fry (h/t Savory Tooth)
It only takes thirty minutes to make your own homemade chicken and broccoli dish--that's faster than takeout (and so much healthier, too).
9. Filled broccoli cups (h/t Tasty)
Take broccoli, garlic, cheese, and a bit of oil, process till smooth, and fill with your favorite meaty fillings for a completely healthy and delicious small plate.
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