Puree broccoli and form it to a muffin tin to make this tasty low carb treat

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Broccoli: you either love it or you hate it, right?
Wrong! The recipes below dress up broccoli with a variety of different flavors that help bring the tree-shaped veggie into a new light.
From turning broccoli stems into noodles with an Asian twist to creating little muffin cups out of a parmesan-and-broccoli blend, these bloggers have written recipes that broccoli's never seen before (and neither have you!) Best of all, they're all quick, easy, and low-carb. What are you waiting for? Dig in!
1. Cheesy broccoli casserole (h/t Genius Kitchen)
Thanks to Genius Kitchen, you don't have to remove broccoli casserole from your holiday buffet--just remove the carbs!
2. Garlic parmesan broccoli (h/t Homemade Hooplah)
This recipe offers a quick and easy way to bring a load of flavor into an easy weeknight side dish.
3. Broccoli stem noodles with sesame ginger dressing (h/t All Day I Dream About Food)
When you eat light, you tend to feel light--and you tend to feel hungry, too. Because these noodles are made from fiber-rich broccoli, you'll feel fuller than you would with carby noodles. A great side or lunch salad!
4. Easy low carb lemon & feta mashed broccoli (h/t My Keto Kitchen)
Lemon juice and feta brighten up this mash that goes well with any meaty main dish. (Tip: add a bit of lemon zest if you want even more lemon flavor.)
5. Broccoli-cauliflower soup (h/t Eat Well 101)
A cold winter's day calls for a hearty veggie soup. It comes together so easily; you might as well make a second batch to freeze!
6. Low carb broccoli salad (h/t The Low Carb Diet)
This broccoli salad packs plenty of crunch and punch thanks to almonds, onions, and bacon! Don't expect a sweet dressing; this dish is savory all the way.
7. Cheesy broccoli bites (h/t Super Healthy Kids)
This recipe isn't just for kids (although they will love helping you turn the steamed and processed broccoli into dough!) Serve plain or with a yogurt dip as a snack or an app.
8. Cashew chicken and broccoli stir fry (h/t Savory Tooth)
It only takes thirty minutes to make your own homemade chicken and broccoli dish--that's faster than takeout (and so much healthier, too).
9. Filled broccoli cups (h/t Tasty)
Take broccoli, garlic, cheese, and a bit of oil, process till smooth, and fill with your favorite meaty fillings for a completely healthy and delicious small plate.
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