Scramble up some egg to make this classic Chinese dish but vegetarian style

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Vegetables feature heavily in traditional Chinese cooking and even meat-based dishes are easily adapted for vegetarians. Many of the recipes are cooked at high speed to retain a bit of vegetable 'bite' and preserving as much of the natural goodness in those veggies as possible.
It also makes the dishes perfect for those weekday evenings when you want something really delicious in less time than it takes to call for takeout!
1. Vegetarian fried rice (h/t Hurry The Food Up)
Using cooked rice in this savory recipe cuts the total prep time down to just 15 minutes from, 'I fancy fried rice tonight' to, 'Mmmm...dinner's ready!' That sweet/sour maple syrup sauce is so good as well!
2. Mushroom chow mein
Sautéed noodles are a kid-friendly treat, but in the recipe below, you're also sneaking in tons of vitamin-rich, healthy veggies. The recipe below relies on several types of mushrooms for loads of umami flavor without the meat. Get the full recipe here.
3. Gluten free potstickers with tempeh (h/t Vegan Richa)
These sweet and spicy potstickers are such tasty little treats - perfect as a snack or appetizer when you have friends over. Just make twice as many as you think you'll need - they'll prove pretty popular!
4. Salt and pepper tofu (h/t Veggie Belly)
This brilliant recipe tastes just as good as your favorite restaurant dish. The sauce that accompanies the crisped tofu is fabulous, and the great suggestions for tweaks to the basic recipe will keep you trying this dish again and again!
5. Chow mein (h/t Amuse Your Bouche)
A perennial favorite, this great chow mein recipe packs in enough veggies to feel pretty virtuous while the amazingly good sweet/sour sauce means that you'll never reach for that take out menu again!
6. Kung pao veggies (h/t Oh My Veggies)
Don't be put off by the list of ingredients - this fantastic dish is very easy and takes only 30 minutes to get onto the table! The fresh ginger, sesame and nut oils, along with the final flourish of chopped peanuts give a truly authentic flavor to this delicious recipe.
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