Start buying rice in bulk because you're gonna love these 8 vegetarian rice dishes

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If you love vegetarian dishes then you know how important rice is. It's not just a filler. It's an easily manipulated ingredient that can take on virtually any flavor that you want it to. Rice is good. Rice is your friend.
There's no time like the present to add a few more vegetarian rice dishes to your go-to meal plan. We've found some of the most delicious rice meals out there and we can't wait to share them with you. Trust us, you'll want to make these this week!
1. Cheesy broccoli rice stuffed peppers (h/t A Spicy Perspective)
Everybody loves stuffed peppers, but the broccoli and cheese mixture really makes this dish more of a comfort food. It can be served as a tasty side or a mouth-watering main dish.
2. Tomato herb rice with white beans and spinach (h/t Budget Bytes)
This in exceptionally flavorful and hearty dish that everybody can enjoy. Not only can you easily make it, but it's a cost effective meal that will help you stay on budget.
3. Chipotle cilantro lime rice (h/t Melanie Cooks)
Want take out, but prefer a home cooked meal? Try this recipe! It pairs nicely with any meal or it can be served up as the main dish.
4. One pot ratatouille rice (h/t Yup It's Vegan)
This dish is proof that simple ingredients can make the best food. This colorful dish looks as good as it tastes.
5. Veggie rice and bean burrito
If there’s one meal that was responsible for my survival through college (and early working life), it’s the vegetarian rice-and-bean burrito. The recipe below includes bell peppers and onions with the rice-and-bean complete protein combo. It’s a one-stop meal that’s quick and healthy. Get the full recipe here.
6. French onion risotto (h/t Lemon Tree Dwelling)
If you're looking for a way to really impress your family, then this is the recipe to do it. It's not a complicated dish, but the result is impeccable taste that will leave them wondering how in the world you worked such magic!
7. Persian jeweled rice (h/t The View From the Great Island)
Wow! This dish looks absolutely beautiful. Persian jeweled rice is as royal as it sounds with vibrant ingredients that look as good as they taste. This is the meal for you if you really want to serve up a total showstopper.
8. Mujadarra (h/t A Family Feast)
Caramelized onions, perfectly cooked rice, and seasoned onions make this dish absolutely delectable. This is a traditional Middle Eastern meal that you can serve up right from your very own kitchen!
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