This Southern fried chicken recipe claims to be better than Popeye's (+7 recipes)

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Chicken recipes are some of the most sought after meals out there. There's just so many ways you can cook up this delicious meat to make it suit just about any type of dish you need. Whether it's a weekday dinner or a special event, chicken recipes never fail to please.
Sometimes you just need to put a little bit of inspiration on the table and we have seven terrific chicken recipes that will do just that. Each dish has its own unique flavor, but they are all absolutely scrumptious. Try them, you'll see!
1. Southern fried chicken (h/t I Heart Recipes) It's one thing to claim to be the best, but this recipe proves. The crispy outside and tender inside is the secret behind this tasty chicken dish.
2. Baked buttermilk chicken (h/t Wishes and Dishes)
Never settle with "okay" chicken ever again. This buttermilk dish is the epitome of fine Southern cuisine. The moist chicken is topped with a perfect gravy. Everybody will love it!
3. Baked Nashville hot chicken (h/t Spiced Blog)
Bring the heat with this spicy baked chicken. If you like your chicken with an extra kick then this is the recipe for you!
4. Southern-style chicken and waffles (h/t Garlic and Zest)
It doesn't get much more Southern than chicken and waffles. This dish is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Delicious!
5. Chicken-fried chicken with cream gravy (h/t Serious Eats)
You can't have too many fried chicken recipes to choose from. This juicy chicken is served up with the yummiest cream gravy you can find.
6. Southern style Mississippi Chicken and Dumplings (h/t Seed at the Table)
Chicken has never tasted so good in this creamy, hearty meal. Nothing says Southern comfort quite like a warm bowl of the best chicken and dumplings.
7. Slow cooker brown sugar and garlic chicken (h/t Dinner then Dessert)
Your taste buds will thank you for this perfectly sweetened chicken dish. The fall-off-the-bone chicken is deliciously seasoned. You won't be able to get enough! Plus, the slow cooker method means it's easy to make and a fast clean-up.
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