You can still eat cheese and cut back on carbs. Check out these 7 cheesy low carb recipes.

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There are really not many foods that have the power to transform a recipe like cheese does. When I think about it, I think cheese should be its own food group, don't you?
In any case, there's nothing like the oooey, gooey deliciousness of melted cheese. In a life that's lacking carbs, all you need is cheese!
1. 3-ingredient double cheese crackers (h/t My Montana Kitchen)
If you’re like me, one of the most challenging parts of a low carb diet is sacrificing my salty and crunchy snacks. Now you don’t have to with these 3-ingredient double cheese crackers. Crunch away!
2. Low carb mozzarella sticks (h/t Gluesticks Gumdrops)
This is the low carb substitute for traditional mozzarella cheese sticks. Best of all, you won’t feel deprived. Parmesan cheese sits in for breadcrumbs and yields a delicious low carb coating.
3. Cheesy cauliflower bake (h/t Divalicious Recipes)
This cauliflower bake is terrific when you’re craving a baked potato but want to leave the carbs behind. Thanks to lots of gooey cheese, your craving will be satisfied!
4. 5-minute easy cheesy bacon chicken (h/t My Montana Kitchen)
The simplicity of this recipe is astounding. Frozen chicken, bacon, and cheese. Easy peasy.
5. Gluten-free meatball parmesan casserole (h/t Low Carb Yum)
This dish is so rich and comforting, you’ll hardly believe it’s low carb too. Homemade marinara sauce and two kinds of cheese deliver a yummy and hearty casserole.
6. Low carb crispy cheese balls (h/t Step Away From the Carbs)
These are so good, it's seriously hard to believe they're low carb. They satisfy nearly every carb craving you can think of. You just gotta try this one!
7. 2-ingredient low carb chips (h/t Listotic)
How could something so easy be so good? With just two ingredients - eggs and cheese - it's like these just dropped down from cheese heaven. You're welcome!
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