8 appetizing vegetarian recipes made with chickpeas

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You know what the best thing about chickpeas is? They go in pretty much anything! If you want to punch up the crunch in your favorite meal, chances are chickpeas will do the trick. Not to mention, the plant-based protein is excellent for a vegetarian diet.
If you are searching for your next favorite chickpea dish, we are happy to inform you that we've found several to choose from. Take a look at some of these scrumptious dishes and try not to fall in love. We dare you!
Easy chickpea curry with basmati rice
Get your Indian food fix with this delicious recipe. You'll love that you can whip it up quickly in your very own kitchen and it still has the tasty flavors of your favorite take out! Get the full recipe here.
Chickpea avocado mash with feta
This make-ahead mixture makes an excellent wrap. You won't believe how simple it is to make. You definitely need to put this recipe on standby as your favorite go-to lunch. Get the full recipe here.
Chickpea stew
If you want a hearty vegetarian meal, then look no further than this recipe for chickpea stew. This filling dish is just what you need to feel all warm and cozy inside. Get the full recipe here.
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Ultimate masala chickpea burger
Sink your teeth into this delicious chickpea burger! Even the pickiest eater will love the curry-infused flavor. Get the full recipe here.
Instant pot chickpea tacos
You are in for a real treat with this dish. Tacos are great, but chickpea tacos are incredible! It cooks up quickly, and you can still enjoy the same bold flavors as with traditional tacos. Get the full recipe here.
Quick Indian spinach and chickpea curry
Who knew that spinach and chickpeas could taste so great together? In less than 20 minutes you can have this tasty dish on your dinner table! Get the full recipe here.
Tomato basil chickpea salad sandwich
Wow! The freshness of this sandwich is sure to hit the spot. This is a great lunch solution that takes little effort and results in an impeccable taste. Get the full recipe here.
Moroccan chickpea tagine
This totally healthy dinner idea is loaded with flavor that everybody will love. The ingredients are simple, and the meal serves up nicely with a side of rice. Get the full recipe here.
Cranberry apple quinoa salad
Deliciously fresh and full of veggies, this dish works as a side or main course. The sweet cranberry and apple make this meal really stand out. Get the full recipe here.
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