7 bean and lentil vegetarian recipes that will have you begging for seconds

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Bean and lentils are a staple when it comes to a vegetarian diet. However, don't think that these key ingredients can be transformed into insanely delicious dishes that you can't get enough of! They are both easily customizable to fit in a variety of recipes that range from rich and savory to light and fresh.
We've scoured the Internet for tasty bean and lentil recipes and you'll love what we've found! Here are a few dishes that will blow your mind! Enjoy.
1. Lemony lentil and chickpea salad (h/t Cookie and Kate)
You will go crazy for the fresh herbs in this recipe! This salad is refreshing, but hearty enough to fill your stomach. Not to mention, the lemony flavor is the perfect amount of zest.
2. Slow cooker black bean and lentil soup (h/t Natural Chow)
This hearty soup takes you back to the basis. It's satisfying with every bite and you'll love the simple ingredient list.
3. Savory lentil and bean stew (h/t Tinned Tomatoes)
Enjoying a nice big pot of warm stew is an excellent way to spend the colder winter months. The great thing about this recipe is that it is brimming with flavor and is incredibly cost-effective, too.
4. Loaded lentil salad (h/t Hummusapien)
This recipe may be quick and easy, but it is filled with exceptional flavor. You won't have to worry about leftovers if you serve your family this salad for dinner!
5. 30-minute Tuscan white bean skillet (h/t The Wanderlust Kitchen)
In just 30 minutes you can be enjoying this tasty meal. It's made with basic ingredients that most people have in their pantry, but it's packed full of deliciousness that everybody will love.
6. Mediterranean Lentil Salad (h/t South Your Mouth)
This is another salad option, but it's certainly not your run-of-the-mill lettuce and salad. This dish is full of freshness that benefits your body with each bite that you take.
7. Black bean and lentil taco (h/t The Garden Grazer)
If you dig tacos, then you have to give this recipe a shot. Not only does it taste great, but it's packed full of protein and fiber that help your body thrive.
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