8 healthy burger recipes that you don't have to feel guilty about

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Who doesn't love sinking their teeth into a big, juicy burger? However, nobody wants the guilt that usually goes with it. What if we told you there was a way that you could enjoy a delicious burger without any of the guilt? Keep reading.
There are actually a ton of healthy burger options out there with the flavor you want and none of the typical unhealthy side effects. If you are open to getting a little creative, you'll love some of these healthy alternatives.
1. Coconut bacon burgers with grilled pineapple (h/t The Fit Fork)
This burger is filled with so much flavor that you'll wonder why you've never tried it! The coconut and pineapple kick things up a notch, but are also the main reasons it's a healthier option.
2. Cheeseburger lettuce wraps (h/t Life in the Lofthouse)
Go bunless with this healthier alternative. Stick with lean meats to cut the calories while the fresh lettuce wrap brings the perfect amount of freshness to this meal.
3. Paleo bacon garlic avocado (h/t Paleo Gluten Free Eats)
Can you say tasty? This burger is seasoned with fresh herbs and spices that will blow you away. Plus, it's totally Paleo-friendly.
4. Sweet potato patties (h/t Sweet as Honey)
So much trouble comes from the burger bun. Toss out the bread and substitute these delicious sweet potatoes instead. It adds a little sweetness that tastes great and reduces the carbs.
5. Balsamic caramelized onion turkey burger (h/t The Foodie and the Fix)
You aren't going to believe that this burger is even close to healthy! However, the secret is that you don't need a ton of oil to caramelize the delicious onions and turkey is a lean meat. This flavorful dish won't make you feel deprived in the slightest.
6. Salmon burgers with avocado salsa (h/t Cooktoria)
This simple recipe is loaded with delicious flavors that you simply don't have with a traditional burger. In fact, the salmon burger infused with tasty herbs is so yummy that you can totally omit the bun! Serve up with the delectable salsa, instead!
7. Spicy cauliflower burgers (h/t Pinch of Yum)
Spice up your life the right way with these scrumptious cauliflower burgers. You won't miss the meat once you take a bite of this over-the-top flavorful burger. The fresh flavors of the avocado sauce coupled with the fiery seasonings makes this dish absolutely incredible!
8. Blackened fish burger (h/t Oh Sweet Basil)
Forget the beef! This fish burger is not only bursting with unbelievable flavor, but it can be whipped up in as little as 30 minutes! There's no reason not to give this a shot.
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