Channel the deep South and serve up this delicious chicken fried steak (+ 7 recipes)

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Nothing says finger-licking-good quite like the perfectly cooked chicken friend steak. While everybody knows that this dish is a Southern favorite, what you may not realize is that there are a number of variations to choose from. If you are looking for a new spin on your favorite meal, then you'll definitely want to keep reading.
No matter which recipe ends up being your favorite, they are all worth a try. Even with slight differences, there is the same level of deliciousness in each and every bite. Get ready to satisfy your taste buds with these tasty dishes.
1. The best chicken fried steak (h/t Mike Miller)
If you want the perfect Texas-style chicken fried steak then you have to check out this recipe. It's thoroughly breaded and fried to perfection.
2. Chicken fried steak with country gravy (h/t Recipe Girl)
What's chicken fried steak without savory gravy? This recipe shows you how to cook the chicken fried gravy and then transform the drippings into an impeccable gravy that makes this recipe truly delicious.
3. Delicious chicken fried steak (h/t Grandbaby Cakes)
If you want to be sure that your chicken fried steak is tender and moist, then this recipe is an absolute must-try. You won't be let down by its second-to-none taste.
4. The BEST chicken fried steak (h/t Country Rebel)
This recipe calls for a slightly different approach when it comes to making the crispy outside we all love. The secret? Use Saltine crackers!
5. Baked chicken fried steak (h/t Dizzy Busy and Hungry)
This lighter option to the traditional favorite is just what you need. It still has the same hearty flavor, but requires less hands on cook time and is a healthier option.
6. Chicken fried steak bites (h/t The Best Blog Recipes)
This is a great recipe if you are looking to turn a main course into a yummy appetizer. This bite-size solution is just what you need at your next family gathering.
7. Country fried steak & gravy
Chicken fried steak is definitely at the top of the list of comfort food. While the delicious taste may make you think it's a complicated recipe, you'll be happy to know it's not that hard at all. The best thing about the recipe below is that it can be accomplished with basic ingredients. Get the full recipe here.
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