If you haven't made fried green tomatoes, you're missing out. Try these 6 recipes

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Most people think tomatoes should only be eaten when they're red and ripe, but this is a narrow way of thinking! If you know how to cook them, green tomatoes can be even better than the red ones.
Having trouble believing me? Try out one of these dishes. If you've ever turned up your nose at unripe tomatoes, these recipes are guaranteed to change your mind!
1. Fried green tomatoes (h/t All Our Way)
These crunchy fried green tomatoes are a Southern classic, and with good reason! They're breaded with buttermilk and panko, and they're absolutely delicious.
2. Fried green tomatoes with buttermilk feta dressing (h/t My Recipes)
If you love fried green tomatoes but are looking for a twist on the classic recipe, try serving them with this amazing buttermilk feta dressing! You can also substitute blue cheese for the feta if you want a stronger flavor.
3. Fried green tomato po'boys (h/t This Mess Is Ours)
I thought that fried green tomatoes couldn't get any better... and then I tried them in this tasty sandwich recipe! The Cajun remoulade sauce is simply to die for.
4. Vegan fried green tomatoes (h/t The Southern Vegan)
Always wondering what to feed your vegan friends? Here's a simple solution — try making them these vegan green friend tomatoes. They're just as delicious as the original!
5. Fried green tomato pie (h/t Just A Pinch)
Fried green tomatoes are usually served as a side dish, but this fantastic pie turns them into the star of the show. Even people who hate tomatoes will love this one — maybe because it's covered with cheese!
6. Oven-fried green tomato caprese (h/t Diane, A Broad)
Traditional caprese salad isn't very Southern, but this oven-fried green tomato caprese changes that! It would be a great appetizer to bring to a potluck... but I think I'll just make it for myself for lunch
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