8 hard to resist vegetarian recipes for those that love the taste of carrots

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Kids are known for hating carrots, but it's hard to understand why! Carrots are naturally sweet and incredibly delicious, and they can be used to make so many tasty things.
There's no need to nibble on raw carrots like Bugs Bunny (although you can do that if you want to!) Instead, save your carrots to make one of these awesome recipes.
Carrot soup (h/t Wikihow)
This soup is extremely carrot-y, so it's best saved for true carrot lovers! Carrot soup is really versatile — you can make it vegan, use your favorite spices, and even throw in whatever other veggies you might have in the fridge.
Carrots and lentils in olive oil (h/t New York Times Cooking)
This recipe for carrots and lentils in olive oil is based on a traditional Turkish dish, and it's so yummy! The lentils give it protein, so it can be a complete meal if you want it to be.
Roasted carrots with farro and chickpeas (h/t Cookie and Kate)
These roasted carrots are definitely visually appealing — guests will be so impressed! However, the recipe is actually super easy to make... the hardest part is waiting for the carrots to roast!
Gingered carrot and kale ribbons (h/t Rachel Ray Everyday)
This recipe for gingered carrot and kale ribbons is a great way to get two colors of healthy veggies in one go! It's meant as a side dish, but you might eat so much of it that you don't have room for anything else.
Carrot parmesan risotto (h/t Dinner At The Zoo)
Even picky eaters will probably love this carrot parmesan risotto — they'll never guess that it has carrots in it! It's also less fussy to make than traditional risotto, so it's easy enough for a weeknight.
Carrot and orzo salad (h/t Budget Bytes)
This tasty carrot and orzo salad would be great to bring to a potluck or as a light summer meal! It's subtly flavored with lemon juice, parsley, and cumin, but you could add other fresh herbs if you want a bigger punch of flavor!
Delicious carrot souffle (h/t Reluctant Entertainer)
This delicious carrot souffle might actually be good enough to convert life-long carrot haters! The recipe calls for maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon — it could almost be a dessert!
Roasted brown butter honey garlic carrots (h/t The Recipe Critic)
Even your kids will love these roasted brown butter honey garlic carrots — they're the perfect blend of sweet and savory! The brown butter is what makes this recipe truly delicious, so don't be tempted to skip the extra step.
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