9 mouth-watering Southern casseroles that your family will chow down

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There are few things more filling and comforting at mealtime than a hearty casserole filled with flavor. Casseroles are homey and nostalgic--people can't get enough of them!
Feed your family one of these trademark Southern casseroles. Make a few and serve a supper of sides (aka a "veggie plate"), bring one to a potluck, or use one to feature as an entree.
1. Green chile chicken rice casserole (h/t White Lights on Wednesday)
This isn't your ordinary chicken casserole: the green chile lends a bit of Southwest heat to the dish. Top with scallions or parsley for added flavor and color, and be sure to add a dollop of sour cream for good measure.
2. Southern broccoli casserole (h/t Spicy Southern Kitchen)
A regular at the holiday table, a southern broccoli casserole is a special occasion rich dish that pairs perfectly with roasted meats.
3. Squash Casserole (h/t Add A Pinch)
This dish is like a cousin to the broccoli casserole, and it's particularly good in summer when yellow squash is bountiful at the farmers market. That being said, many families choose to serve this at special occasions or holiday time. This particular recipe is enough to feed a large holiday crowd; halve it for a smaller group.
4. Mamaw's Chicken Rice Casserole (h/t All Recipes)
All you have to do is chop up the chicken, mix the ingredients, and pour into a 9x13 pan--how easy can it get? If you're looking for a lighter take, sub in brown rice and look for the reduced sodium or lower fat version of other ingredients.
5. Pineapple casserole (h/t Creme de la Crumb)Traditionally found on the Easter buffet table, a pineapple casserole is the perfect side dish anytime you're serving ham! Granted, the combination of cheddar cheese and pineapple might not sound good, but generations of Southern cooks can't be wrong. The stuff is delicious (and no other side casserole will come together as quickly).
6. Oyster stuffing (h/t The Blond Cook)
Whether you call it stuffing or dressing doesn't matter--oyster dressing is over-the-top good for oyster lovers! The popular holiday dish can be eaten any time of year (more like any month that ends in -R) and is a traditional dish from the eastern Virginia and Carolina shores.
7. Deep South macaroni and cheese (h/t Girl Raised In The South)
Entree? Side? Both! Whatever you wish! Three cheeses makes it divine (and who's to say you can't go ahead and use even more? If you do that, just be sure to adjust the measurements). A tip: make sure to use real butter and to sift the flour for a smoother sauce.
8. Corn casserole for the holidays (h/t Two Sisters Crafting)
Again, this doesn't just have to be for the holidays! A mix between corn bread and corn pudding, corn casserole is creamy and delicious. The cheese at the end is totally optional, by the way.
9. Southern sweet potato casserole (h/t Julia's Simply Southern)
Last but certainly not least, no compilation of Southern casseroles would be complete without mentioning a sweet potato casserole! Julia's Simply Southern casserole takes the proverbial cake: it incorporates the spuds along with praline and marshmallow topping. It has it all. (Use fresh yams when they're in season (bountiful and low-priced), or use organic canned yams if you wish.)
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