Get those lasagna noodles ready because here are 7 recipes that you won't want to miss

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Lasagna can be intimidating the first time you make it — it can be an awful lot of work! However, it's surprisingly easy to pull together once you know what you're doing.
I can't think of anyone who doesn't love lasagna, so you know it's a safe bet no matter who's going to be at your table for dinner. You're going to want to try every single one of these recipes!
1. American lasagna (h/t Allrecipes)
This classic American lasagna is everything you want your lasagna to be... cheesy, satisfying, and packed with meat! This recipe is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone you feed it to.
2. Cheesy sausage and beef lasagna (h/t Inspired Taste)
With both Italian sausage and ground beef in it, this lasagna is a true meat lover's delight. This recipe gives you the option to either make your own sauce from scratch or use jarred marinara sauce, so it's a great option for both lazy weekends and busy weeknights!
3. Taco lasagna (h/t The Girl Who Ate Everything)
Lasagna is traditionally Italian, but why not mix things up a bit and try this awesome taco lasagna? It has layers of pasta, taco meat, cheese, and salsa, and you can serve it with all your favorite taco toppings!
4. White cheese and chicken lasagna (h/t Tasty Kitchen)
When you're not in the mood for a red sauce lasagna, you can always turn to this tasty white cheese and chicken lasagna! It's total comfort food, but it has some spinach in it to keep it healthy.
5. Autumn lasagna (h/t The Cozy Apron)
This autumn lasagna might not look like the lasagnas you're used to, but it's every bit as delicious! The sauce is made with roasted butternut and garlic — you won't believe how good it is until you try it.
6. Caprese lasagna rolls (h/t Tastes Better From Scratch)
If you need a vegetarian lasagna option, look no further than these tasty caprese lasagna roll ups! The roll ups are a fun twist on regular lasagna, but you could also just take the ingredients and layer them in the traditional way,
7. Cajun lasagna (h/t Creole Contessa)
You don't often see Italian-Cajun fusion food, but this lasagna is amazing! It has five different kinds of cheese and two different kinds of meat in it — how could you not love that?
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