6 tips for cleaning and maintaining your ceiling fans

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Ceiling fans are possibly one of the best inventions ever. They keep you cool without running up your electricity bill too much. But they're also kind of out of the way, which makes it easy to forget to keep them clean and functioning properly.
Fortunately, ceiling fans are pretty simple to take care of. Cleaning them doesn't require too much effort and keeping them in good working order isn't terribly complicated either. So next time you need to tidy up your fan, try one of these ideas.
1. Pledge & pillowcases (h/t Huckaby's Happily Ever After)
One of the quickest ways to dust your ceiling fan's blades is to use a pillowcase. Get an old pillowcase you no longer use and spray the inside with Pledge. Put the pillowcase over the fan blade and slowly slide it back off. The dust should cling to the inside of the pillowcase and come off easily.
2. Wobbly blades (h/t Bob Vila)
If you notice your ceiling fan seems a bit wobbly, then your blades are probably bent. Your first step is to attempt to bend them back into shape on your own. Do this slowly and carefully to avoid breaking them. If they're too far out of line to be fixed, buy new blades and install them. Turn the fan on its lowest setting to make sure everything is properly installed and aligned.
3. Excessive noise (h/t How Stuff Works)
After awhile, you might start to notice your fan making a humming or buzzing noise. This usually indicates loose screws or bolts. If you notice that your fan is making more noise than usual, tighten up all of the screws around the motor. Also make sure to lubricate your fan once a year to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.
4. Oiling the fan (h/t WikiHow)
When it comes to lubricating your fan, you should do so at least once a year. You might have to oil it more often, though, if it's making a squeaking sound whenever it runs. To oil it, start by locating the oil hole. Use a pipe cleaner to test the current level of the oil and then pour 1-2 ounces of oil into the hole. Run the fan on its lowest setting for a few minutes to ensure the squeak has gone away.
5. Motor housing dust (h/t Today)
You might not think about cleaning the parts of your fan that you can't see, but those parts get dirty, too! And in the case of the motor housing, it might just be the easiest part to clean. All you have to do is spray the motor housing with compressed air to get rid of the dust that's built up in there.
6. Greasy fan blades (h/t Del Mar Fans)
To protect your carpet, you might want to put a sheet under your fan before you start to clean it. To clean greasy fan blades, start by wiping down every blade with a baby wipe. Then pour a small amount of degreaser onto a baby wipe and use that on each blade. Make sure you clean the blades from top to bottom. When you're finished, throw away the wipes and toss the sheet in the wash.
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