9 ways to remove pet hair that will forever change your life

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We love our furry pets, but detest the hair they leave behind on almost every surface. Experts agree that the best way to keep pet hair from becoming a nightmare is consistently cleaning up the hair they leave behind. It sounds simple, until you actually try to remove the hair from your dog's favorite chair.
These hints and tips make removing pet hair quick and easy. You don't need fancy tools and commercial products to remove dog and cat hair, just a few key items you probably already own.
1. Craft a heavy duty lint brush for pet hair (h/t The Family Handyman)
An old paint roller and a roll of duct tape are all you need to craft a heavy duty lint brush for pet hair removal. Duct tape is much stickier than traditional lint rollers and adding it to a paint roller gives you a larger sticky surface. Simply apply the duct tape sticky side out to the roller and roll over the hairy surface. Add more duct tape as needed.
2. Use a microfiber to dry dust your floor (h/t Kim Komando)
Using a vacuum to clean pet hair off of hard floors seems like a great idea, but it can actually spread the hair around the room. Use an electrostatic dry dusting to grab excess hair before you vacuum. Simply attach a dry microfiber to your dust mop or broom sweep as normal. You'll be amazed at how much pet hair is attracted to the microfiber.
3. Use your dog's brush to brush the carpet (h/t Labrador Training HQ)
Certain small areas are difficult to vacuum, including stairs, under furniture, and in corners. These are often the areas pet hair accumulates quickly. To remove pet hair from carpet fibers, simply grab your dog's pet brush and gently brush the carpet. This removes the hair and fluffs up the carpet fibers.
4. Squeegee your carpet clean (h/t How to Build It)
The rubber edge of a squeegee grab pet hair and pulls them from the fibers of your carpet. This easy and fun pet hair removal technique simply involves running a squeegee over the surface of your carpet or upholstery. The hair will form clumps for easy pickup and disposal.
5. Grab rubber gloves to remove hair from furniture (h/t Daily Treat)
Rubber gloves work like a squeegee, but fit over the curves and corners of upholstered furniture much better. Simply slip a pair on and start rubbing the fabric surface. The hair will ball up for easy removal. You can use rubber gloves in your car, on your furniture, clothes, and carpet with no worry of damaging the fabric.
6. Use fabric softener to relax fibers for easier removal (h/t Pet Hair Clean Up)
Because pet hair weaves itself into your upholster and carpet fibers, it can be difficult to remove. A quick spray of fabric softener over the surface will help relax both the fibers of the surface and the pet hair for easier removal. Simply spray fabric softener lightly over the surface and allow to dry. Then vacuum or use a pet hair removal technique to remove the loosened hair.
7. Dust with furniture polish (h/t Apartment Therapy)
We often think of fabric surfaces and carpet as being the most attractive to pet hair, but hard surfaces and furniture can draw in pet hair. Dusting with a furniture polish or anti-static spray can help you remove pet hair from a hard surface and keep it from returning. The key is to spray your dusting cloth, not the surface.
8. Dry clothes before you wash them (h/t All You)
Washing your clothes can actually cause pet hair to imbed deeper into the fabric. Placing your hairy items in the dryer on warm for 10 minutes can help relax the fabric for easier hair removal. After 10 minutes, wash the fabrics as you normally do. Consider it a pre-treat for pet hair covered clothing.
9. Grab a microfiber cleaning cloth (h/t Clean Green Simple)
In a rush to get out the door and just noticed your clothes have attracted your pet's hair? No time to find a lint brush - no worries! Grab a dry microfiber cleaning cloth and rub it against your clothing. The texture of the cloth grabs hair and balls it up. All it takes is a few swipes and you are ready to face your day!
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