Forget the full burger and go for a slider instead. Here are 7 slider recipes you must try

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Sliders are so great. They might officially be merely 'a small burger' but they're so much more than just that! Sliders can pack a real punch flavor-wise and they're fast and easy to make. What's even better is that everyone loves them!
It's not all about beef though - lamb, chicken and even crab make awesome patties as well! Check out these mouthwatering recipes and make your favorite tonight!
1. Grilled Greek sliders (h/t Home. Made. Interest.)
If you love Big Fat Greek flavors, then make these tonight! This recipe cleverly brings together classic Greek tastes - feta, olives, Tzatziki and so on, and assembles them as a slider! Cute and clever.
2. Lamb sliders (h/t All Recipes)
More Mediterranean flavors at work here, and my oh my, they're good. Spices, red onion and feta cheese combine with the lamb to make juicy, joyous sliders that are pretty irresistible!
3. Crab cake sliders (h/t Jessica Burns)
Early tip: work out roughly how many of these you'll need, double it, then add more. These aromatic little crab patties, enriched with mayonnaise, are absolutely delectable and will vanish as soon as you bring them out to your guests!
4. Roast beef and caramelized onion sliders (h/t Chowhound)
Classic burger flavors work perfectly here, with horseradish, watercress, onions and sliced beef instead of the usual patty. Purists might grumble, but they certainly won't complain once they taste one!
5. Spicy whiskey bbq sliders (h/t The Pioneer Woman)
Take a look at these sliders. That sticky, boozy, bbq glaze is nothing short of phenomenal - big flavors for big people, rather than kids probably, but hey. Being grown up has to have it's advantages, right?
6. Bombay sliders with garlic curry sauce (h/t Epicurious)
If you love curry spices, then these super-easy turkey sliders will be right up your street! An aromatic and creamy sauce is perfect to top off these thrilling little burgers. You could even cut out rounds from a naan bread to serve them on!
7. Mini Italian meatball sliders with roasted red peppers (h/t The Spruce)
These look impressive enough to serve with drinks before a dinner party, but are brilliantly easy to put together. Mozzarella, capers and roasted red pepper accompany Italian meatballs for a truly tasty mouthful. You could serve these on mini ciabatta if you want to dial up the flavor even more!
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