Line a baking dish with bread to make this comfort classic dish that your family will love

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If you are cooking for a family, then you know that casseroles are an easy weekday solution. However, the same casserole week after week can get a bit boring. If you're looking for your next favorite casserole dish, then we've got you covered. The best part? All of these require a form of bread which is both comforting and filling.
We've scoured the web and the good news is that there are many options to choose from! Here are a few of the best bread-based casseroles that you have to try out. Your family will thank you for it!
1. Philly cheesesteak sliders (h/t Homemade Interest)
This recipe packs a whole lot of yum! The cheese-packed center full of delicious peppers and meat is just what you need to serve up for dinner tonight.
2. Meatball Sub Casserole (h/t The Country Cook)
Love meatball subs? Then you will absolutely go crazy for this scrumptious casserole. This one-pan dinner is an excellent option for those busy weekday nights.
3. Ham n cheese strata (h/t Lil' Luna)
This is the perfect breakfast or brunch casserole. It's brimming with gooey cheese and the taste is second-to-none. Your family will definitely ask for seconds!
4. Oven-baked Reuben casserole (h/t 12 Tomatoes)
Think of this recipe as one gigantic Reuben sandwich. It hits all the right spots and there's plenty for everyone.
5. Sweet potato casserole bread pudding (h/t Fantabulosity)
If you love the sweetness of sweet potato casserole and the comfort of bread pudding, then this is the casserole of your dreams! It combine the two recipes to make a hearty dish that is perfect for this season.
6. French toast casserole (h/t Sweet and Simple Living)
Breakfast never looked so good! This sweet and comforting dish is just what you need to bring your family around the table.
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