Forget shoes, use your shoe organizer for all these other clever ideas (+8 ideas)

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Many of us find that we simply need more space and better storage solutions for our things. We've purged and gotten rid of extras, but we still need a way to store the items we need, use, and love.
Take advantage of your vertical space behind doors, on blank walls, and inside closets with hanging shoe organizers. These inexpensive organizers feature multiple pockets perfect for holding a lot of surprising items!
1. Keep your charger cords on hand (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
Almost everything needs a charging cord. Add in extension cords and other electronics and you'll find cords are taking over your drawers. Tossing them in a drawer or box can lead to damage to the delicate wires located in your chargers. A hanging shoe organizer is the perfect solution for organizing your electronic cords. Each cord can have its own pocket and you can easily find what you need when you need it.
2. Keep water bottles handy (h/t Babble)
Water bottles don't behave well in cabinets. They fall over easily and often are too tall. A hanging shoe organizer is perfect for holding water bottles. Simply hang the organizer inside your pantry door or on the kitchen door and keep bottles close at hand. This also helps encourage your family to stay hydrated!
3. Keep Lego pieces off the floor (h/t Kim's Crazy Corner)
Legos can be a storage nightmare. This creative idea creates a wall of Lego bricks organized by color. You can adapt this idea to organize your own bricks by project or type. Hanging on a wall next to a table, it makes for a perfect afternoon of building.
4. Keep beauty supplies off the counters (h/t Brit+Co.)
Reduce the clutter on your bathroom counters, while still getting ready quickly in the morning by hanging a nice canvas shoe on the back of your bathroom door. Slip everything from your blow dryer to moisturizer in the pockets for easy access when you are in a rush!
5. Keep stuffed animals on display (h/t Mommo Design)
Transform that overflowing collection of stuffed animals into a beautiful display of your child's favorite friends. A canvas shoe organizer is the perfect home for small to medium stuffed animals. Your child will always know where their stuffed animals go when helping you pick up.
6. Keep a party on hand (h/t Becoming Martha)
If you entertain a lot, this idea will help you keep party supplies easily organized. A clear plastic shoe organizer is perfect for storing all the little things that make a party special. Straws, fancy toothpicks, streamers, balloons, and all those party favors make colorful additions to your party organizer.
7. Keep craft paints organized (h/t One Thrifty Chic)
Spray paint and other craft paints can easily take up an entire shelf in your craft room or garage. Plastic shoe organizers can hold multiple cans within easy reach. To compensate for the weight, be sure to hang the shoe organizer securely to your wall using wall anchors.
8. Keep baby things in easy reach (h/t Susie Harris Blog)
Save drawer space and keep burp cloths and swaddling blankets within easy reach by hanging a clear, plastic shoe organizer in your nursery closet or on the back of a door. You can quickly see what you need and retrieve it with just one hand, which all moms know is a definite skill essential.
9. Keep your closet tidy (h/t A Bowl Full of Lemons)
Shoe organizers were created to go in your closet, but you don't have to put shoes in them. Keep your tanks and leggings organized by rolling and placing them in a clear plastic shoe organizer. You can also add scarves, belts, wallets, and other accessories to this handy closet organizer.
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