Get clever around the house. Here are 9 ways to use tension rods

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When you think of a tension rod, you probably think of curtains, right? That's the most obvious use for tension rods, but they're actually capable of so much more. You just have to know how to use them.
Whether you need extra storage in the kitchen, the bathroom, your bedroom or your closet, these tips have got you covered. Check this list, figure out what size of tension rod you need and get started making your life easier.
1. Drawer organization
How much time do you spend digging through your kitchen drawers and cupboards for the right lids for pots, pans and storage containers? Instead of stacking them in a free-for-all fashion, organize them. Put a few small tension rods in a drawer and place lids between them, making it easier to locate the one you need.
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2. DIY dust ruffle (h/t Seagrass Interiors)
If you have extra space under your bed, then you might use it for out-of-the-way storage. But you don't want it to look messy under there, so you need a way to keep all of the stuff out of sight. Put up tension rods under the bed and hang some fabric from them, just like you would with regular curtains. This will form a makeshift dust ruffle that looks nice and hides items under your bed.
3. Miniature window garden
For those of you who live in apartments or don't have much yard space or live in a climate that's not great for gardening, this idea is for you. Put a tension rod in one of your windows (preferably one that lets in a lot of sunlight) and hang a few s-hooks on it. Plant whatever you want in some small buckets and hang them on the s-hooks. You now have your very own garden right in your window.
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4. Shoe rack
Do you have more shoes than you know what to do with? Are you running out of room to store them but can't bear to part with a single pair? Instead of trying to cram them in your closet or under your bed, install several tension rods in your closet and store your shoes on the rods.
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5. Under-the-sink organization
The cupboard under your sink is short on space, so it only becomes more crowded when you start to store cleaning products there. But if you install a tension rod in the cupboard, you can hang spray bottles and other items from the rod, freeing up space for other cleaning supplies and other bathroom or kitchen necessities.
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6. Spice storage
If you have tall kitchen cabinets, then it's easy for small items (such as jars of spices) to get shoved behind taller containers. Make it easier to see what you have in your cabinets by putting small tension rods at the back. You can balance short containers on them so you'll always be able to see them.
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7. DIY hanging folders (h/t The House on Hillbrook)
Although many people keep track of important documents on their computers, some prefer to keep physical copies of everything. However, that means making room for clunky file cabinets. If you don't have the space for a file cabinet, you can still store paper files with ease. Find a spot (perhaps under a desk) where you can install two tension rods. Put your documents in some hanging folders and hang them between the rods.
8. Secure a sliding door (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
If you have a sliding door, then you know how easy it is to open compared to other doors. This can cause problems if you have young children or live in a less-than-safe neighborhood. To prevent children from opening the sliding door from the inside and burglars from the outside, place a tension rod in the door.
9. Ribbon organizer
When you get ready to set up a craft station, make sure you have space for all of the ribbons you need to make every project perfect. The best way to store ribbons is to slide them onto a tension rod. Now you don't have to worry about losing them or having them unravel and tangl.
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