6 different ways you can make carrot cake that's tasty but also low carb

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There's no denying that carrot cake is absolutely delicious! While you may assume that carrot cake can only be made one way, you may be surprised to learn that this recipe can be whipped up in slight variations. If you love carrot cake, but want to spice it up a little then you should keep reading!
We've scoured the Internet and we've found some of the most delicious and unique ways to serve up carrot cake. Not only do they taste great, but they each stay true to a low carb diet. You are going to love these!
1. Cream cheese filled carrot muffins (h/t Low Carb Yum)
These bite-size treats are just what you need to serve up at your next gathering. It combines carrot cake and cheesecake to make the perfect dessert.
2. Carrot cake cupcakes (h/t Lil Luna)
These adorable cupcakes are light and fluffy, but it's the brown sugar cream cheese topping that really takes it to the next level. Your family will appreciate this tasty treat.
3. Carrot cake with cream cheese maple pecan frosting (h/t Food Blogs)
If you're looking to impress, then you have to give this recipe a shot. The rich, filling cake coupled with the decadent frosting is just what you need to serve up at your next gathering.
4. Carrot cake roll (h/t Gimme Some Oven)
If you want to experience carrot cake in a different way then you should try this carrot cake roll. It's all the flavor you know and love, but easier to serve up.
5. Healthy carrot cake bites (h/t VegAnnie)
Looking for a low carb snack? This is the perfect treat that still keeps you on your diet! It's delicious and simple to make.
6. Almond flour carrot cake scones (h/t Dishing Out Health)
Revamp your morning routine with this delicious breakfast food! It transforms carrot cake into a guilt-free low carb solution that you can enjoy on the go.
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