7 healthy chicken casseroles that you need in your life

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Casseroles are a busy family's best friend. Most can be cooked in one or two pans and require minimal supervision and work. This means dinner can be baking while little Julie finishes math homework or the family tidies up the house before dinner.
I love casseroles, which made finding this list of easy, healthy, casseroles a snap. Try adding one of these tasty meals to your weeknight menu.
1. Easy chicken casserole
Tons of vegetables plus (low-fat) cream of mushroom soup equals heavenly yumminess. The recipe claims to be healthy, which I'm taking as gospel because that means I can nosh on my fried onions guilt free.
2. Low-carb chicken and rice casserole
For busy parents, there’s nothing like a casserole for feeding a hungry family. It’s a one-dish meal that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone. The recipe below makes this simple dinner solution available even to those following a low-carb diet. Get the full recipe here.
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3. Teriyaki chicken and rice (h/t Emily Bites)
I've never, ever, in my entire life, eaten an Asian-inspired casserole. And I eat a lot of casseroles. This tasty dish is yummy and on the healthier side of casserole options. You can amp up the health factor by cramming in as many veggies as you'd like.
4. Asparagus chicken and quinoa bake (h/t The Creative Bite)
This protein-packed dish (29 grams per serving) is filling and great for the body. Healthy carbs paired with veggies and bacon. That's what I call a win-win. You'll need about an hour to get this slice of heaven on a plate.
5. Chicken penne casserole with zucchini (h/t The Seasoned Mom)
If you love to garden, this is a great recipe to use with some of your garden-grown veggies and herbs. This quick-cook meal is also perfect for busy nights as you just need about 35 minutes from start to finish.
6. Alfredo chicken and broccoli casserole (h/t Dr. Axe)
The dish calls for kefir (which is fermented milk), but the garlic powder, butter, and broccoli should help even out the flavor. You'll get a stomach full of nutrients and it fits a gluten-free diet.
7. Chicken, peppers, and pasta (h/t Eating Well)
No eggs. No nuts. No soy. No problem. This allergen-friendly dish is crammed with goodness in the form of chicken, bell peppers, and fresh herbs. It's also topped with breadcrumbs, which makes any recipe taste even better.
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