Bunch you cauliflower up in a towel to make these delicious yet healthy tacos (+6 recipes)

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Taco Tuesdays are a fun way to make dinner a little easier for everyone. But, tacos aren't always the healthiest option. Fortunately, it's not that hard to take your favorite hand-held meal to a higher nutritional plane. We've snagged a few of the best recipes from around the web to show you just how easy (and healthy) your taco night can be.
Check out these recipes, then try one out this week.
1. Low-carb cauliflower tacos
Tacos aren't tacos without a tasty, crunchy shell. But store-bought shells can be full of salt and other ingredients. This recipe shows a super simple way to make taco shells from cauliflower. Stuff with your favorite veggies and meat.
2. Healthy sriracha shredded chicken tacos (h/t Jar of Lemons)
Healthy food doesn't have to be boring. This taco adds a bit of heat with the tang of feta cheese to pack a powerful pop of flavor. Each taco has 128 calories.
3. Healthy turkey tacos (h/t Feasting not Fast)
One trick to cut back on fat is to use ground turkey instead of ground beef when making tacos. This 30-minute-or-less meal is flavorful (thanks to a load of peppers and spices) and easy to throw together in a pinch.
4. Taco -stuffed peppers (h/t The Cozy Cook)
This fun twist on the taco, packs all the flavors of your favorite Tuesday meal, for fewer calories and fewer carbs. Bonus: you don't have to worry about out taco shell breaking.
5. Skinny taco salad (h/t Well Plated)
A simple way to enjoy your taco a little healthier: make a taco salad. The special sauce in this recipe is a Greek-yogurt based sauce that tops the whole dish off. The creaminess is a great substitute for sour cream.
6. Turkey taco quinoa skillet (h/t Spoonful of Flavor)
Tacos aren't always the most filling dish, but when you add quinoa to the mix, you have a different story. This hearty bake is an excellent alternative to the traditional taco, and it's packed with nutrients from chilies, turkey, corn, quinoa, and tomatoes.
7. Turkey taco lettuce wraps (h/t Food Blogs)
If you like the idea of the healthiness of taco salad but crave the convenience that hand-t0-mouth tacos provide, this is the perfect solution. Simply use bib lettuce or a double layer or Romain lettuce leaves to cradle your taco fillings.
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