6 tips for cleaning a stainless steel fridge

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The clean and sleek appeal of stainless steel is hard to resist. Once you get it in your home, you realize it's horrible little secret – it isn't easy to get clean and keep clean. Smudges, fingerprints and hard water stains soon become a reality in a kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances.
You don't have to settle for anything less than a brilliant shine, however. These amazing stainless steel hacks will keep your kitchen appliances looking like they are brand new.
1. Use a commercial stainless cleaner (h/t Making Lemonade)
A commercial stainless steel cleaner, such as Steel Meister, contains the right blend of ingredients to quickly remove grease, oils, and hard water deposits from a stainless fridge. In less than 10 minutes, you can quickly give the exterior of the fridge a good cleaning.
2. Keep it simple with vinegar (h/t Mom 4 Real)
The majority of the mess on the front of stainless refrigerators is simply grease and oil. These are easily removed with one natural stainless steel cleaning product you already have in your kitchen: vinegar. Simply fill a spray bottle with vinegar for a spray and wipe any time you need it. It couldn't be simpler to keep your fridge shining all the time.
3. Upgrade to a microfiber cloth (h/t Karissa's Vegan Kitchen)
Whether you use a commercial stainless cleaner or your own all-natural cleaner, using the right cleaning cloth can speed up the cleaning process. A microfiber is ideal for quickly removing dirt, grease, and grime from surfaces because it is an efficient and lint-free cleaner.
4. Go with the grain (h/t The Kitchn)
To get the best results, take a close look at your stainless appliance. You will notice that just like a piece of wood, stainless steel has a grain. Small lines run across the surface. When cleaning and polishing it, you will get the best results if you always go with the grain.
5. Rub it down with baby oil (h/t Uncommon Designs Online)
Like many metals, stainless steel really benefits from a good polishing. Think of how many times a day you touch your refrigerator. Applying a protective coat will help repel fingerprints and smudges while also making it easier to clean. Baby oil is the perfect buffing oil. It is inexpensive and easy to find. After cleaning, simply apply a small amount to a clean cloth and gently polish the surface of the fridge. You can also use olive oil for this easy task.
6. Wax things (h/t The Happier Homemaker)
A protective layer of auto wax is a way to keep smudges from the surface of a stainless steel refrigerator. The wax acts as a protective layer, allowing for easier cleaning. It also creates a beautiful shine on appliances. After cleaning, use a clean rag to apply a thin coat of wax to any stainless steel surface. Follow that up by using a soft, clean rag to buff to a beautiful shine.
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