Serve up some of the best Southern fried potatoes when you copy these 6 recipes

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There's hardly a food that comforts us Southerners better than potatoes. Fry 'em up and it's even better! Here are six recipes to help you get started.
Serve up these Southern fried potato recipes, and your family will thank you.
1. Fried potato cakes (h/t The Southern Lady Cooks)
Leftover mashed potatoes are used for this fabulous recipe. Fried potato cakes are a unique spin to deliver delicious and savory spuds.
2. Southern fried potatoes (h/t Cooking with Stacy)
These Southern fried potatoes are zapped in the microwave for just a few minutes to help them cook faster, then finished off in the frying pan. Chili powder and paprika help spice things up.
3. Southern fried breakfast potatoes (h/t Loaves and Dishes)
These Southern fried breakfast potatoes are great any time of the day. Thanks to peanut oil, they have a crispy outer shell and a moist and tangy center.
4. Fried cabbage potatoes (h/t Savory Tooth)
These fried potatoes are accompanied by cabbage and bacon to offer up a savory and delectable dish. Combine six ingredients into one pan, and you have a deliciously satisfying meal.
5. Potato blossom
Perfectly crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, and just the right amount of spice — the recipe below is something I make often because it's delicious and, honestly, something I crave a lot. Sometimes I even leave the potatoes in the oven a little longer so they get super crispy! Get the full recipe here.
6. Fried potatoes (h/t Cooking with Serena)
These fried potatoes are done just the way my momma used to fry them when I was growing up. There's nothing else like 'em! And once you've had real fried potatoes, you'll never look at your standard fast food fry the same way again.
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