7 best tips on getting clean stovetop glass naturally

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Glass-top stoves offer a few significant advantages over other types of stove tops. One of the best things about having this type of stove is that you don't have to worry about drop pans and removable burners. As an added bonus, the smooth top stoves look sleek and can really add pop to a modern kitchen design.
Although this type of stove is known for being slightly easier to clean, the ceramic tops are a little more sensitive to cleaning solutions than cheaper stoves. If you want to get a glass stovetop clean without ruining the surface, try one of thee tricks listed below.
Baking soda and vinegar (h/t DIY Network)
There's a reason this combination is popular among organic DIYers: It works. Watch the process in the video below.
Clean your oven with ease
The following video shows a no-hassle way of getting the inside of your oven looking like new. Baking soda does most of the heavy lifting.
Use baking soda solution to clean stovetop burners
If your stovetop burners get super nasty and grimy, be sure to check out the solution below. Just a few ingredients make cleaning a snap.
Want to make your house smell amazing?
Whip up this mixture to make the whole house smell heavenly. The video below shows exactly how to do it without using harsh chemicals.
Clean dirty kitchen pots and pans
Sick of having to scrub the bottom of a used pan? Have no fear. Try the solution in the video below.
Skip materials that can damage glass stoves (h/t The Spruce)
If you want to keep your glass top scratch-free, make sure you don't use materials on them that can do damage. The video below describes how to avoid these mistakes.
Remove tough stains on glass stoves (h/t Nature Hacks)
If you find that you still have stains and stuck-on food on your glass stovetop after you've cleaned it with baking soda and vinegar, try using the trick below. Used properly, the razorblade won't create scratches.
Lemon juice and baking soda
Sprinkle baking soda over the entire glass top of your stove. Slice a lemon in half and use the method in the video below to make things sparkling again.
Choose your cleaning cloth carefully
Be careful what clothes or sponges you use on a glass stovetop. Follow the advice in the video below to choose wisely.
Whiten grout
Use the technique demonstrated in the video below to get your floors looking clean. It just takes baking soda and a spray of vinegar.
Dust blinds in a pinch
Watch the video below to discover an effective technique for cleaning blinds. It makes quick work of cleaning even blinds with lots of slats.
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