7 healthy dishes that are made with greek yogurt

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The first time I ate Greek yogurt, I was a bit surprised at the thickness. But it grew on me. Fast. The thick creamy product is a perfect substitute for sour cream, and it's packed with protein. While you'll still get some sugar content, you'll find Greek yogurt can be significantly lower in added ingredients.
Try one of these delicious recipes when you want to put that Greek yogurt to good use.
1. Cookie dough Greek yogurt (h/t Women Daily)
This no-bake dessert is healthy and delicious. It's really easy to make so you can kill that sweet tooth quickly. A little peanut butter, some sea salt, and a few chocolate chips make for the ultimate after-dinner (or middle of the afternoon) treat.
2. Greek yogurt pancakes (h/t Creme De La Crumb)
Eat your pancakes with an extra helping of protein and a huge dose of moisture. The soft pancakes will melt in your mouth. This recipe calls for some sugar, but you can leave it out or swap in a banana instead.
3. Watermelon with yogurt and fried rosemary (h/t Bon Appetit)
While the dish may seem an odd combination at first, the sweetness of the watermelon contrasts well with the tartness of the yogurt and spiciness of the rosemary. Also: how pretty is this dish? That's an Instagram winner.
4. Greek yogurt peanut butter dip (h/t Food Fun Life)
Apples and peanut butter are a classic. It's a healthy pairing from the get-go, but when you add some greek yogurt and a bit of honey, this after-school favorite goes to the next level. It's creamy, a little sweet, and a little nutty. Perfect.
5. Skinny spinach and artichoke dip (h/t Natasha's Kitchen)
Who doesn't love a tasty spinach dip? The problem is it can be full of unhealthy fats. Swapping out sour cream for Greek yogurt equals less fat and more protein. You won't even be able to taste the difference.
6. Indian-style yogurt marinade (h/t Whole Foods)
Give your chicken a spicy upgrade with this tangy marinade. Let the meat soak in this recipe at least overnight and up to three days before cooking. This might just be the best chicken you've ever had.
7. Yogurt-marinated kebabs (h/t Serious Eats)
Marinade plus the grill equals barbecue heaven! These tasty eats are perfect for a summer barbecue, and a marinade is a healthy option you can include on your menu guilt free.
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