Make your jewelry sparkle with these 6+ DIY jewelry cleaning tips

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Whether you wear your jewelry every day or only for special occasions, most pieces eventually need a good cleaning. Lotions and body oils build up, tarnish happens with time, and sometimes even the most precious jewels begin to look a bit dull.
Don't rush out and buy an expensive jewelry cleaner. These amazing jewelry cleaning hacks use products you may already have in your home. They save you money while bringing back the shine to your bling.
How to clean silver
As pretty as silver jewelry looks, it can easily develop a tarnished look if not properly cared for. Cleaning silver takes a few extra steps, but the end result is definitely worth the time.
Use a DIY bling wash (h/t Making Lemonade)
This homemade jewelry wash uses the power of essential oil products to clean jewelry safely. When stored in a glass jar, this jewelry cleaner can be used over and over. Simply mix together 1 tablespoon Thieves cleaner, 1 teaspoon Thieves dish soap, 1 tablespoon of witch hazel and about 1/4 cup of distilled water. Drop in jewelry and leave for at least one hour. A small brush or old toothbrush can help you get into the nooks and crannies. Carefully rinse and allow to dry.
Spend only 20 minutes with a quick cleaner (h/t Practically Functional)
If you don't have a lot of time, this quick cleaner takes only five minutes to prepare and works in as little as 15 minutes. Line a bowl with aluminum foil. Add 1 cup of hot water, 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon dish soap. Let jewelry take a 10- to 15-minute bath in the solution, then rinse and dry.
How to clean diamonds
When your diamond wedding ring begins showing just how long you've been married, it's probably time to shine it up a little. The video tutorial below shows you how.
Mix just two ingredients for some serious shine (h/t Blessed Beyond Crazy )
All it takes is two simple household cleaners to quickly clean a ring. Get a small bowl and add a few drops of dish soap. Pour in a bit of glass cleaner. The combination of the two will break down any gunk, oils and dirt on the ring. All it takes is a few minutes of soaking and maybe a quick brush with an old toothbrush to have your ring looking exactly like new. You'll be amazed how easily this simple tip works!
Avoid having to clean jewelry in the first place
The best way is to take preventive care when it comes to your jewelry. Always remove jewelry prior to cleaning yourself, whether that's taking a bath or washing your hands. You'll also want to remove rings when you are applying any lotion.
How to clean gold
Gold rings and bracelets make bold statements when they're clean and polished. But if they've started to look a little grungy, it's time for a good, thorough clean. Try the technique below.
Be gentle with costume jewelry (h/t Real Housemoms)
Not all costume jewelry is cheap. Some is sentimental, whereas other pieces are actually worth quite a bit of money. For most people it can be a guessing game as to what a costume piece is made of. That is why a gentle cleaning is essential. A soft polishing cloth, an old toothbrush and a gentle solution can help you quickly restore old jewelry. Add three drops of lemon essential oil to 1/3 cup of water. Let the piece rest in the solution for at least five minutes and up to overnight. Scrub, rinse and buff to a brilliant shine.
Give your pearls a gentle bath
Pearls are delicate and require special care to prevent damage. This simple method for cleaning pearls keeps them safe and removes grime.
Try Alka-Seltzer
You don't need to rely on fancy cleaners. Rinse your dull jewelry in a glass of fizzy Alka-Seltzer. Once you take it out, it will be shining like a star.
How to clean tarnished jewelry
No matter what your jewelry is made out of, it can tarnish. If the more specific cleaning hacks above don't work, use this method of scrubbing away tarnish.
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