7 amazing recipes that'll help you use up leftover ham

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Ham is one of those dishes that seem to last forever! While it's great that you and your family can enjoy leftovers for week, it can get a little tricky thinking of new ways to use it. One of the best things about leftover ham is that it can be transformed into some of the tastiest dishes on the planet.
If you're tired of throwing out your perfectly good leftovers then you are going to love some of these delicious ideas!  Another bonus? The previously cooked ham will save you a ton of time in the kitchen. You will definitely want to jot these down for later!
1. Leftover ham turnovers (h/t The Typical Mom) This is a scrumptious way to enjoy your leftover ham! The creamy, rich mixture inside the flaky crust makes a perfect lunch or snack. It can be whipped together in about 30 minutes.
2. Ham and cheese hash brown casserole (h/t Plain Chicken)
Everybody loves the simplicity of a good casserole. This dish is sure to become a fast favorite because it's covered with ooey-gooey cheese. Plus, this dish is easy to make ahead and freezes perfectly.
3. Baked ham and cheese roll-ups (h/t High Heels and Grills)
Transform typical ham and cheese into a party favorite by creating a tasty roll-up instead. This basic recipe is loaded with flavor and dripping with decadent cheese. All signs point to this being a go-to comfort food.
4. Ham and potato cheddar soup (h/t The Recipe Critic)
The colder months always make you want to cozy up with a warm bowl of soup. This recipe is full of potatoes, ham, and other delicious veggies that are sure to hit the right spot.
5. Ham and cheese biscuits (h/t Num's the Word)
Bring some flavor to your breakfast table with these delicious biscuits. This all-in-one dish is the perfect way to serve up a simple breakfast that is loaded with all the flavors that everybody loves.
6. Mac and cheese with ham (h/t Budget Savvy Diva)
Mac and cheese is a childhood classic, but adding a bit of ham makes it a filling meal that even the grownups will appreciate! This tried and true recipe is just what you need to add a little something extra to this traditional dish.
7. Best ham salad ever (h/t The Southern Lady Cooks)
If you really want to use every ounce of leftover ham then this is sure to do the trick. This is an excellent side to serve up on game day. It can be used to make a filling sandwich or pairs nicely with crackers.
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