If you love goat cheese then here are 8 vegetarian recipes you'll want to make

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Goat cheese may very well be the most underrated ingredient out there. It can perk up any dish and bring a flavor like nothing else can. It's time to bring goat cheese out of the shadows and use it to make some of the most hands-down delicious vegetarian dishes out there.
If you're a fellow goat cheese lover then you know it's true! It's time to buckle down and whip some of the most tasty dishes known to man. Here are some of the best goat cheese vegetarian dishes that the Internet has to offer.
1. Goat cheese polenta with roasted vegetables (h/t Cookie and Kate)
If you love polenta then this is a great way to kick things up a notch. The egg on top makes it an excellent option for brunch (but you can enjoy it anytime!). The extra veggies make it even better.
2. Grilled sweet peppers with goat cheese (h/t Recipe Girl)
This has to be the perfect appetizer! Fresh peppers filled to the brim with delicious goat cheese will keep everybody standing around the snack table.
3. Peach bruschetta with whipped goat cheese (h/t Life's a Strawberry)
If you're looking for something a little sweet and savory then you have to give this recipe a shot. The incredible blend of fresh, sweet peached with the creamy, salty goodness of goat cheese makes for the perfect midday snack.
4. Fried goat cheese salad with raspberry dressing (h/t Jessica Gavin)
Do you like a little comfort with your salad? This recipe has it all! Deliciously fried goat cheese tops a vibrant salad chalk full of refreshing fruits and veggies. Your plate will never look so great!
5. Herbed goat cheese (h/t Shutter Bean)
True goat cheese lovers will appreciate this dish. The perfectly sliced goat cheese drenched in a tasty herb sauce is just what you need at your next gathering. It makes the best topping for bread!
6. Grilled zucchini roll recipe with goat cheese, roasted peppers, and capers (h/t Cookin Canuk)
This simple dish produces some of the most incredible flavors. These can work well as an appetizer or as a side for dinner. Either way, your taste buds are sure to thank you for the effort.
7. Mushroom and goat cheese omelet with spinach and avocado (h/t Cooking and Beer)
The best thing about an omelet is that it is totally customizable. As you can see with this recipe you can really add just the right amount of flavor with these tasty ingredients. Make your next breakfast a showstopper with this amazing dish.
8. Maple glazed carrots with goat cheese and pistachios (h/t Ambitious Kitchen)
Who knew that roasted carrots could be savory? This recipe proves it! If you really want to impress then serve this up.
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