7 incredibly healthy and delicious recipes made with avocado

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I love avocado. Love. Love. Love. It's creamy and fresh, and it's a great way to add moisture to tacos or another dish without adding sour cream. On its own, avocado is healthy food. But you can use it to create even healthier (and tastier) options than just a chip dip or taco topping.
Check out these creative ways you can take the amazing avocado to the next level.
1. Avocado pasta (h/t WhatsUpMoms)
This dish is shockingly simple and delicious. Instead of a sugar-filled pasta sauce, this pasta sauce contains spinach, almonds, basil, garlic, and a little bit of sauce. You can make this healthy dish in less than 10 minutes!
2. Chicken avocado casserole (h/t Caveman Keto)
It might not look pretty, but caramelized onions, peppers, chicken and some avocado, mixed and baked can't be wrong. Pair this with a fresh side salad or some fruit for a tasty, healthy, lunch.
3. Avocado smoothie (h/t Nutrition Stripped)
Need a quick, healthy breakfast (or snack)? Try this easy smoothie. The less is more rule applies here as the smoothie only has six ingredients (including ice and water).
4. Creamy avocado, cilantro-lime dressing (h/t Gimme Delicious Food)
I love a good salad, but I get tired of balsamic dressings. If you're looking for something that's got a bit more creaminess without the guilt, this avocado-based dressing is a great option. You'll get a dose of heart-healthy fats with your lunch. (Bonus: there's no added sugar in this recipe).
5. Avocado Caprese skillet chicken (h/t Cooking Classy)
Wow, the avocado looks pretty all dressed up! This stunning (and tasty) dish is a smart option for a party or family dinner. The fresh flavors of the avocado, tomato, and mozzarella cheese make this recipe perfect for a light, but filling meal.
6. Black bean and avocado salsa (h/t Woman's Day)
Chips and avocado should be best friends. And, when you add black beans, garlic, onion, and cilantro to the mix, you have a party waiting to happen. This salsa is a healthier version of avocado dip.
7. Avocado lime ice cream (h/t Little Big High)
I won't lie, this recipe leaves me a little wary. I mean, avocado ice cream? But, the flavors might just actually work. Coconut milk, honey, and lime, plus the avocado. If you must have your ice cream, but it's not your cheat meal, you may want to give this treat a try.
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