Grab some chicken legs and whip up these 7 healthy recipes

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Chicken is a great protein option when you're trying to eat healthily, but chicken breast can get a bit boring after a while. Many people avoid dark meat when they are on a diet(it's fattier), but you can still enjoy the extra flavor and keep your calorie count low.
Check out these flavor-packed meals the next time you want to try cooking chicken legs, the healthy way.
1. Low-calorie chicken drumstick meal
If you're trying to cut calories when you cook dinner, this tutorial should do the trick. The best take-aways: grill your chicken (it adds flavor without adding calories) and remove the skin. Serve the grilled chicken with steamed rice and steamed veggies. Yum.
2. Baked chicken drumstick
You don't have to say no to all things breaded. By using a lot of spices and then baking your chicken in the oven (instead of frying), you'll save a lot of fat and calories. Bonus: You don't need eggs to coat your chicken either.
3. Honey garlic chicken drumsticks
Use honey, garlic, onion, and peppers to spice up this tasty chicken dish. The recipe does call for soy sauce, choose the low sodium variety to reduce your salt intake. Baking the chicken before you add the sauce helps get rid of extra fat.
4. Lemon chicken
This chicken tastes fresh. You'll get all of your flavorings from fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic, and lemon. Using olive oil instead of butter or vegetable oil helps keep calories and unhealthy fats low.
5. Roasted chicken and potato bake
Not only is this a healthy dinner, but it's also quick to prepare. After seasoning the chicken and tossing them over a bed of diced potatoes, throw it in the oven, and let dinner fix itself. Pro tip: don't peel your garlic if you're cooking it at a high temp in the oven, or it'll burn.
6. Chicken soup
If you have a giant pot, you can make a chicken soup stock with minimal effort. The fatty chicken thigh adds a lot of flavors. You can adjust the recipe to fit your family size.
7. Baked turmeric chicken
This low-cal meal takes advantage of turmeric's health benefits. Swap out your regular oil with avocado oil (which holds up when baked). Lots of spice keeps the chicken moist and flavorful when it's in the oven.
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