7 things you can do with a blow dryer other than blow dry your hair

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Invented in the 1920's the handheld blow dryers speeds up the process of styling your hair. The heat and air flow combine with portability to create a tool that can taken out of the bathroom and used throughout your entire home.
From interesting hacks to amazing craft ideas, you hair dryer can be used for more than simply just drying wet hair. You'll be amazed by these 7 creative ideas!
1. Stretch tight shoes (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
Don't hide away a pair of tight shoes just because they are a bit uncomfortable. Grab your blow dryer and a thick pair of socks for a quick way to stretch shoes. Put on the socks, then slip on the shoes. Heat up the tight areas with the blow dryer. Walk around until the shoes are completely cool.
2. Remove wax spills (h/t This Old House)
Wax spills from candles and wax warmers can seem impossible to clean up. The key is to simply heat the wax back up and soak up with paper towels. This works for spilled wax on hard surfaces, walls, furniture, and carpet. Simply direct a low speed of warm heat onto the wax. As it melts, wipe it up. Some waxes, such as crayons, may leave behind coloring. Once the wax is removed, the stain can be removed with the appropriate stain remover for the surface.
3. Add a photo to a candle (h/t Little Things)
Create customized candles with special photos, wax paper, a blow dryer, and inexpensive dollar store candles with this creative trick. Simply place the photo around the candle. Cover with a piece of wax paper and warm with the blow dryer. You will see the wax from the paper begin to melt. Once the entire photo is "melty," stop blow drying and peel off the wax paper. The photo will remain as a beautiful accent.
4. Make your cake look dazzling (h/t Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking)
That beautiful sheen of a professionally decorated cake can be recreated at home by moving your hair dryer to your kitchen. Once you cake is decorated with buttercream, give it a blast with a warm blow dryer on a low speed. Simply move the warm air over the cake just until it begins to melt just a bit on the surface. That's all you need to do for a beautiful finish to your creation.
5. Remove labels and stickers (h/t One Good Thing)
Heat is your best friend when it comes to removing labels and stickers. At a loss for how to remove those stickers from the wall? Want to save a jar for a craft project? Just a quick heat up with your blow dryer will soften the adhesive for easier removal of the label. You can then use olive oil followed by a quick wash to remove any leftover residue.
6. Dry wet nails in a pinch (h/t Cosmopolitan)
This quick beauty hack reduces the time spent waiting for nail polish to dry. Speed up the process with your blow dryer. Simple give your nails a blast with the cool setting of your hair dryer. The air flow helps dry the nails faster. Avoid using the heat settings, they will actually slow down the drying process. The cooler the air, the faster the dry.
7. Get stuck photos apart again (h/t Hunker)
Photos stick together because of moisture. The key to getting photos unstuck is to remove the moisture and harden the inks. Hold a blow dryer set on warm about 10 inches from the photos. After several minutes, you may be able to start separating the photos. Direct the flow in between the photos at this point. The key is to go slow and don't rush.
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