7 useful ways you can use fabric sheets around the house

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When you buy fabric sheets, you probably take them straight to the laundry room, right? That makes sense, since their main purpose is to be thrown in the dryer to remove static from your clothes and make them smell better. Fabric sheets however can do so much more than that.
You can use fabric sheets in almost every room of your house. They can be used for everything from cleaning to adding a fresher smell to removing pet hair. The best part is that you can use fabric sheets that have already run through the dryer, so you're definitely getting your money's worth.
1. Clean electronics
Television and computer screens are a pain to clean because you can't use just any old product on them. You have to be more careful to avoid scratching or damaging the screen. The next time you need to wipe the dust off the screen of your favorite electronics, use a fabric sheet. The sheet will help reduce static cling, clean the dust away and help repel new dust from settling.
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2. Pet hair removal
No matter how much you love your pets, you probably don't like all of the hair they leave on every surface throughout your house. When you try to vacuum it up, the hair ends up clogging the vacuum. Next time, wipe a fabric sheet over the furniture, rugs or other surfaces that catch a lot of pet hair. The sheet will attract the hair, making clean-up way easier.
3. Air freshener (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady)
When your house starts to smell a little funky, you probably spray some air freshener, right? What if you could keep it smelling great all the time? You can. Just tape fabric sheets to the backs of your air conditioner vents. When the air blows through the vent, it will blow that fresh laundry scent throughout your house.
4. Clean pots and pans
After a big meal, you're going to let your dishes soak for a while anyway, so why not give them a little extra clean while you're at it? Place a fabric sheet in the pot or pan and then fill it with water. Let it sit for a few hours (overnight if they're really bad or burnt) and then pour out the water. When you take out the fabric sheet, all of the gunk should come out with it.
5. Dry spills
Since fabric sheets are great at absorbing static, you can use them to clean up certain messes. If you spill flour, baking soda or any other dry material, wipe it up with a fabric sheet. The messy item will cling to the sheet, making it easier to clean it up without spreading the mess around.
6. Glass door cleaner
There are a huge number of ways to clean the glass doors in your shower, some of which require more work than others. If you're looking for a simple way to get rid of the soap scum on your door, then grab a fabric sheet. Put a few drops of water onto the fabric sheet and scrub the glass door to quickly remove soap scum and hard water stains.
7. Carpet freshener
Have you noticed a bit of a smell coming from your carpet? That usually means it's time to deep-clean the carpet, but you might not have time for that right now. Put a fabric sheet in the bag or canister of your vacuum and then run it over the carpet to freshen it up a little until you have time to shampoo the carpet.
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