Try your hand at these 6 butter chicken recipes that are too good to be true

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Butter chicken is an Indian classic that is sure to bring a bit of comfort all year long. This delectable dish is exactly what you need if you want to cozy up on your couch and enjoy a warm plate of this melt-in-your-mouth poultry.
While butter chicken has been around forever, there are slight adjustments to the recipe that can make all the difference. Let's take a look at the various ways you can serve up this classic favorite.
1. Butter chicken (h/t Get Curried)
This recipe shows you how to get restaurant-quality butter chicken in the comfort of your own kitchen. You'll be amazed at how easy this is to do yourself!
2. Slow cooker Indian butter chicken (h/t Dinner then Dessert)
Bust out your slow cooker for this recipe. This hands off method will allow the slow cooker to do all the work. You just get to come how to house full of this delicious aroma.
3. Lemon butter chicken (h/t Mom Dot)
This is the perfect dish if you want to try something that's bursting with flavor. It's fast and easy which makes it the perfect meal for a hectic week.
4. Butter chicken with cauliflower (h/t A Sparkly Mess)
If you are tempted to order in, you may want to check out this recipe first. Chow down on this tasty dish that couples nicely with the cauliflower side. It's better than take out!
5. Instant pot butter chicken (h/t A Mom's Impression)
This is another terrific way to simplify this incredible recipe! Don't worry if you are strapped for time, this meal shows you how to use an instant pot cooker to get the job done.
6. Healthy butter chicken (h/t nourished)
Lighten up this meal with a healthier option. You still get the same great flavor, but this is a gluten-free option that's just as satisfying as the original. You won't believe that this butter chicken doesn't include butter or chicken!
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