Make a meatloaf that's both healthy and delicious when you follow these 6 recipes

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While meatloaf is a well-known American classic, the fish actually has roots dating back to early Roman days. There are also variations served in Germany, Scandinavia, and Belgium. The dish as we know it didn't actually become popular in the United States until the late 1800s.
If you want to give this homemade favorite a twist, try one of these healthified recipes so you can enjoy it guilt free.
1. Clean meatloaf (h/t Clean & Delicious)
Skim milk, whole wheat bread, tons of spices, and a finely shredded zucchini turn into a nutrient-filled main dish the family will love. Adding the vegetable makes the meat a little more filling too. If you aren't a fan of zucchini, you can use sweet potato or another veggie.
2. Meatloaf cheeseburgers (h/t HungryGirlTV)
Not only do you swap out white bread for wheat, but this recipe also helps you portion control your meatloaf by turning into a cute little burger/muffin. Serve this with a side of sweet potato fries or a salad. Yum!
3. Chickpea vegan meatloaf (h/t Connisseurus Veg)
It looks like meatloaf ... but it has no meat. This vegetarian version of the American classic is comprised mainly of chickpeas. A few other goodies like flax seed, liquid smoke, and vegan Worcestershire sauce make this meatless meatloaf a tasty alternative.
4. Gluten-free Meatloaf (h/t Betty Crocker)
A few simple substitutions mean anyone at your dinner table can enjoy the flavorful meat dish. Opt for low-fat ground beef, gluten-free ketchup, crackers and dijon mustard when making this famous recipe a little healthier.
5. Crockpot meatloaf (h/t Wellness Mama)
It turns out you really can make anything in a slow cooker, including a healthy meatloaf dish. You can cook the meatloaf in a metal loaf pan inside the slow cooker, or just mix all the ingredients, form a loaf and put it directly in the slow cooker.
6. Cowboy meatloaf and potato casserole (h/t Kraft)
I can't say that this is the healthiest option on the list, but at only 290 calories per serving, it's not that bad. Plus, doesn't it look mouth-watering? If you want to make this one healthier, try using sweet potatoes or zucchini instead of the white potato and snag some low-fat cheese.
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