You should be cleaning your hairbrush and these 5 other beauty items

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You try to remember to wash your face before bed, buy quality beauty products, and take good care of yourself. What you might not realize is that some of your beauty items could be causing beauty problems. The things you use frequently in your beauty routine often need regular cleaning. Without this cleaning, you are introducing bacteria directly to your skin and hair.
These amazing beauty hacks reveal how quickly and easily you can clean your beauty items. You don't need to purchase specialty cleaners or products. You already have what you need to achieve a cleaner beauty routine.
1. Wash your hairbrush (h/t One Crazy House)
Given the amount of hair you lose every day, you know that your hairbrush needs cleaning to work correctly. You can see the hair building up in the bristles. However, you need to do more than simply pull the hair out. Over time, hair products and oils buildup on your brush. Your clean hair? Just got brushed with a dirty, oily brush. Regular cleaning is absolutely a must!
2. Keep your razor sharp (h/t Michelle Phan)
Have you ever heard that a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. This goes for razors, too. A rusty, dirty razor won't glide over your skin with ease. Instead it can cause tiny scrapes and abrasions. Storing your razor in your bathroom is convenient, but the moisture can lead to a rusty razor. Keep rust at bay by drying and lightly coating your razor with baby oil between uses. It will keep your razor working well longer and save you money!
3. Wash your makeup sponge (h/t Clean My Space)
Makeup sponges, such as the popular Beautyblender, create a flawless makeup application. After you use them, you toss them in your makeup bag without thought. While you are away, your makeup and facial oils are just sitting there - ready to be mixed with your makeup the next day and smeared all over your face again. Cleaning your makeup sponge is an excellent way to avoid breakouts and keep you skin healthy. All you need is a bit of dish soap or gentle shampoo. Work it into the wet sponge and rinse by squeezing under warm water. Roll in a towel to squeeze out moisture and allow to dry thoroughly.
4. Unclog a hairspray pump (h/t Popsugar)
Hairspray pumps and nozzles often clog with dried hairspray, making it impossible to get the product from the can and on your hair. You may be tempted to use your fingernail or grab a pin to clear the clogged nozzle. This could damage it and leave you with a funky spray. Instead, remove the nozzle and hold it under running warm water. If this doesn't work, a quick soak in rubbing alcohol is all it takes to unclog your favorite spray.
5. Dry makeup brushes upside down (h/t Bustle)
Makeup brushes gather all the oils and old makeup within their bristles. Those spots on your cheeks could be from the transfer of oil and bacteria to your face from your brushes. Don't just focus on the cleaning of your brushes, but the drying as well. You want a freshly cleaned makeup brush to dry as quickly as possible while maintaining the proper shape. One way to do this cheaply is to secure your brushes with rubber bands so that they hang upside down from a hanger.
6. Sanitize your makeup (h/t Raining Hot Coupons)
Blushes, powders, and eye shadows are the double dip products. You frequently go between the makeup palette and your face. Back and forth action transfers the oils and bacteria from your skin to your makeup. It is easy to clean and sanitize makeup. Simply wipe the pressed makeup lightly with a clean tissue. Dip a clean makeup brush in rubbing alcohol and swipe it across the makeup. The alcohol takes care of any germs in the powdery surface.
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