7 Southern smothered chicken recipes your family will love

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Nothing says down-home cooking quite like Southern smothered chicken dishes. Everybody seems to line up around the dinner table to get the first taste of this scrumptious dinner. If you want to serve up something that won't yield any leftovers, then this is the perfect idea for you!
Fortunately, there's more than one way to craft this tasty Southern cuisine. No matter what your preferences are, there's something on this list to suit your tastes. You'll have a hard time choosing your favorite!
1. Southern smothered chicken and gravy
You won't believe how incredible this dish is! The tender chicken is covered with rich gravy. You won't be able to get enough once you sink your teeth into this perfectly prepared chicken feast.
2. Queso smothered chicken (h/t Plain Chicken)
Cheese always makes it better! This tasty chicken is smothered in a delicious queso sauce that will leave you smacking your lips and asking for seconds.
3. Crock pot smothered chicken with mushroom gravy (h/t South Your Mouth)
If you love the earthy taste of mushrooms, then you'll enjoy this dish. The decadent gravy brings the meat to life and keeps everybody coming back for more.
4. 5-ingredient smothered chicken bake (h/t Pillsbury)
Bacon lovers will appreciate this quick and simple weekday dinner idea. Perfectly cooked chicken topped with creamy sauce is the yummiest homemade comfort food.
5. Low carb jalapeno popper chicken (h/t Aunt Bee's Recipes)
Turn up the heat with this deliciously healthy smothered chicken recipe. Cheese and jalapeno come together to create the ultimate flavor!
6. Rustic roasted garlic chicken and asiago gravy (h/t Closeting Cooking)
For flavor out of this world, you have to cook this recipe! The hearty, one-dish dinner is exactly what you need to breathe a little life back into your weekly menu.
7. Lightly smothered chicken (h/t Nutmeg Nanny)
This recipe is ideal if you love the concept of smothered chicken but still want to stick to a healthier diet. It's all the delicious flavors you love, but none of the guilt!
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