7 tasty low carb donuts that you can make at home

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Donuts must be everybody's weakness. It's the one thing that makes it almost impossible to follow a healthy diet. However, cutting out donuts is never the answer. It's all about finding an alternative that works for you. If you are on a low-carb diet and assume that you have to say goodbye to donuts forever, then you'll definitely want check this out!
There are actually many ways you can transform tasty donuts into an equally delicious low-carb option. Hard to believe, right? Take a look at some of the most tasty low-carb donut recipes that the Internet has to offer. They don't disappoint.
1. Low carb donuts (h/t Low Carb Eats)
This is so close to the real thing you won't believe that it's a little different! You'll love the perfectly fried outside and light, delicious center.
2. Double chocolate baked donut recipe (h/t Grass Fed Girl)
You just can't go wrong with a chocolate donuts! Not only is this a scrumptious treat, but you actually don't even have to fry it. This healthier alternative is just what you need to enjoy a dessert without any of the guilt.
3. Cinnamon donuts with brown sugar glaze (h/t All Day I Dream About Food)
This recipe is over-the-top yummy! The outside is browned to perfection and then smothered in a mind blowing glaze. You won't be able to get enough of this amazing low-carb donut!
4. Peanut flour donuts (h/t Divalicious Recipes)
If you want a light, fluffy donut then turn to this low-carb solution. This is the closest thing that you'll get to the real thing! It's doubtful that even your carb-loving friends will notice a difference.
5. Low carb toasted coconut donuts (h/t How to This and That)
You haven't lived unless you've indulged in this tasty donut! If you're a coconut donut lover then this is an absolute must-try! The flaky coconut topping is the perfect way to curb your cravings.
6. Grain-free baked almond donuts (h/t Southern in Law)
This amazingly simple and fast recipe is just what you need to get your donut fix. In a matter of minutes you can enjoy this incredible almond-flavored treat.
7. Low carb powdered chocolate donuts (h/t Resolution Eats)
This tasty low-carb alternative will likely become a staple once you try it! It's so good and so easy that you'll never deprive yourself of its goodness.
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