Classic chess pie is a Southern staple and here are 6 recipes you must try

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Chess pie is a Southern classic! It's remarkably simple and you probably have all the required ingredients already stowed away in your pantry. You won't believe how such a basic dish can yield so much incredible flavor!
The buttery goodness of this pie is exactly the kind of Southern comfort you need right about now. If you want to serve up a dessert that your family will absolutely adore, then look no further than this traditional recipe. Check out the many ways you can whip up your very own version of chess pie.
1. Classic chess pie (h/t Southern Living)
This recipe focuses on the classic way to make this Southern favorite. The crispy crust coupled with the sweet, buttery center is exactly the thing that will bring a smile to everybody's face.
2. Brown sugar and buttermilk chess pie (h/t Sparkles n Sprouts)
If you want your chess to have a pop of flavor then this is the dish for you. Brown sugar brings a slightly different taste than the traditional version and the buttermilk makes it extra rich.
3. Chocolate chess pie (h/t Recipes for Our Daily Bread)
Calling all chocolate lovers! Yes, chess pie can be dolled up with chocolate! It's the same buttery goodness, but with the added layer of chocolate that you simply can't resist.
4. Sweet potato chess pie (h/t Wine and Glue)
Sweet potato chess pie is perfect for Fall! It's the all the flavors of the season that you love, but has the same classic undertones that you adore about chess pie. So good!
5. Lemon chess pie (h/t Saving Dessert)
The tangy sweetness of this pie is exactly the kind of dessert that deserves to be on your table. You'll love the lemon flavor more and more with each bite you take!
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