6 home hacks you can do with old lotion bottles

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Most lotion bottles are designed to take regular usage. The plastic is usually pretty sturdy to handle squeezing without cracking or denting. If you've ever used an entire bottle of baby lotion, you may have noticed that it hardly shows any wear at all.
These amazing ideas use plastic lotion bottles of all shapes and sizes. Your problems have creative solutions without costing you anything. Just save your bottles and try these bottle hacks out in your home!
1. Extend your faucet (h/t One Crazy House)
Even with a step stool, children often have a hard time navigating around a short bathroom faucet. This creative idea uses a pair of scissors to shape a lotion bottle into a faucet extender. It makes brushing teeth and washing hands much easier!
2. Hang a sink caddy (h/t Crafting a Green World)
This transformation cuts down a lotion bottle to create a hanging sponge caddy for your kitchen. You can often remove the ink printing from a lotion bottle with acetone nail polish remover. Wash well and get to crafting. The key to creating this sponge holder is to poke holes in the bottom for drainage.
3. Put a snap on it (h/t Recycle Werkstatt Berlin)
Lotion tubes are often flexible enough to bend into interesting shapes. This handy pocket is held closed with a snap. You just cut out the shape and use a snap tool to attach a heavy duty snap to the plastic. You can use it to hold almost anything - from first aid supplies to a DIY sewing kit.
4. Make a vase (h/t Craft-Werk)
This cheerful vase is child and animal friendly. Crafted from a plastic bottle, it can be knocked over without breaking. The scalloped edge adds a vintage touch to this easy upcycle. Use a pencil to draw out the shape before you cut. A quick rinse with rubbing alcohol will remove any lotion residues.
5. Create a cell phone holder (h/t Make It & Love It)
You'd never know that this cell phone holder started its life as a lotion bottle. It is the perfect size for holding a cell phone while charging, keeping your counter clear. By using Mod Podge to adhere fabric and give it a nice coating, you take this from bottle to beautiful.
6. Craft a monstrous pencil holder (h/t P&G Everyday)
These fun pencil holders are perfect of a classroom, a child's desk, or your craft room. A few basic craft supplies transform lotion and shampoo bottles into not-so-scary monsters. The key to keeping edges smooth is to use a bit of fine sandpaper to clean them up. Let your children help create their own monster gang!
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