7 life-changing tips for when you vacuum the house

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Vacuuming your home is an essential part of housekeeping. They aren't just for carpet; vacuums can help removed dust, debris and messes from hardwoods, furniture and hard to reach places. The various attachments help you get into nooks, reach high spaces and go where traditional vacuums won't reach.
Today's vacuum cleaners seem to do it all — some even vacuum for you. But no matter how high-tech vacuums become, these vacuum hacks will help you go from dirty to clean in no time at all.
1. Create a fresh scent while you vacuum
One of the signs of a clean home is that it usually smells amazing. To boost a clean smell without the use of candles or air fresheners, use this simple vacuum filter hack. Remove your vacuum filter and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. When you vacuum, the air will fill with the subtle, natural scent.
2. Make your own attachments
You've tried all your vacuum attachments, but none of them fit in the space you are trying to clean. You can easily add your own attachments without having to purchase anything. A toilet paper or paper towel tube easily adapts into a vacuum attachment. Simply stick one end onto your vacuum wand and shape the other end to fit your space.
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3. Use the brush attachment to dust
Dusting smooth surfaces is easy, but textured surfaces have a different level of difficulty. Your cleaning cloth snags, you can't get into the crevices, and sometimes you want to remove dust without using a dusting spray. Grab your brush attachment. This attachment is perfect for dusting lampshades, fabrics, and textured areas. Can't figure out how to dust that rustic wood picture frame? Brush attachment to the rescue!
4. Use the power of baking soda
You don't need to purchase a carpet freshening powder. All you need is baking soda. If you want to give it a boost of clean scent, add four to five drops of your favorite essential oil to 1 cup of baking soda, and mix it well. Sprinkle over your carpet, mattress, or upholstery. After a few minutes, vacuum as normal.
5. Pick up small items
If you've ever dropped an earring back or other small item, you know chances are that it has bounced its way underneath or behind something. You don't have to move furniture to retrieve small items with this vacuum pantyhose trick. Simply slip a piece of pantyhose over the end of your vacuum wand. Secure with a rubber band. Now you can grab your small item without it being sucked up into the vacuum.
6. Clean the vacuum roller brush
If you have pets or long hair, over time your vacuum roller brush will get clogged up. Once clogged with hair, it won't work properly to brush the dust and dirt up from your carpet. Trying to clean it out with scissors is frustrating due to the tight spaces. This vacuum hack is genius! Use a sewing seam ripper to cut the hair. Then simply pull it out.
7. Give your vacuum a bit of attention
It can be so easy just to grab your vacuum, use it, and then shove it back into the closet. Like any tool or appliance in your home, your vacuum cleaner works best when it is clean and properly maintained. Rubbing alcohol is a great way to clean and disinfect your vacuum without using water. Just apply it to a cotton pad and wipe.
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