8 ways you can use old toilet paper tubes to organize your life

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Who doesn't love a useful item that you don't spend a dime on? Toilet paper rolls are one of those items. Everyone has them, and some families have a lot of them. These sturdy little tubes of cardboard most often end up in the trash.
The following creative organization ideas using toilet paper rolls are great ways to use a freebie to solve a household problem. Check them out and you'll soon start saving paper rolls for use throughout your entire house!
1. Control your cords (h/t One Crazy House)
Charger cords can easily become a tangled mess. They're often quite expensive, so just throwing them into a junk drawer where they can be damaged or forgotten is not a good idea. This toilet paper hack to create charger cord organization is genius. Stand the rolls up in a basket to create "pockets" where your cords can be tucked. You can easily find exactly what you're looking for without digging through a jumbled mess. Plus, your cords are protected from damage.
One Crazy House
2. Keep wrapping paper under wraps (h/t Apartment Therapy)
Once opened, wrapping paper likes to unroll. The edges get ripped and tattered. The paper gets wrinkled. If you tape the edge to the roll, you risk ripping and wasting a good amount of paper. All you need is to create a few wrapping paper sleeves out of toilet paper rolls. Simply use a pair of scissors to cut down the roll. Gently place over your wrapping paper, and see how this little hack holds the paper together. Use two DIY holders on long rolls of wrapping paper.
3. Craft beautiful bracelet storage (h/t Once Upon Her Dream)
Keep your bracelets and watches nicely organized with this DIY jewelry organizer. To create the bracelet holder, just wrap and hot glue a scrap of pretty fabric over a toilet paper tube. No one will ever guess you made it yourself!
4. Build a parking garage for toy cars (h/t Goods Home Design)
Toy cars are often the pride and joy of a child's toy collection. Surprise your little one with a place to park those cars. This high-rise parking garage is perfect. You can use a crate, cardboard box or basket. Simply use craft glue or hot glue to hold the rolls together.
5. Hold onto your cards (h/t Recylart)
This creative use for paper towel rolls can be adapted in so many ways. Not only can it be an organizational tool for teacher learning stations, it can also hold recipes, to-do lists and children's chore cards. You can glue or use glue dots to fasten the rolls to your bulletin board.
6. Keep markers and pens handy (h/t Easy Peasy and Fun)
When you keep craft and art items out in the open, you're more likely to use them. This little bookworm is constructed using colored paper, glue and toilet paper rolls. Each section holds a different color. This adorable marker organizer is sure to inspire creativity.
7. Customize a desk organizer (h/t Pink When)
With cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls as a foundation, you can frugally craft a desk organizer customized to match your decor. Scrapbook paper and other crafting supplies completely transform your recyclables into a unique and beautiful organizer. No more digging in a junk drawer to find what you need. Everything will be neatly in reach with this DIY desk organizer.
8. Get your glam on (h/t Makeup Tutorials)
Makeup brushes and tools are essentials for makeup lovers. Keep your tools in great shape by storing them in this homemade makeup organizer. A combination of paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls gives you varied heights. You can cover your creation with fabric or scrapbook paper in colors to fit your style.
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