7 tasty and different ways to make gnocchi

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Most gnocchi is like pillowy and plump dumpling-like morsels that are often made using flour and potatoes. There can be many variations, only limited by the imagination of its creator.
Here are 7 tasty ways to make gnocchi and enjoy these savory bites of bliss. Be forewarned, if you haven't had gnocchi before, you're in for an addictive treat.
1. Vegan gnocchi mushroom florentine (h/t Rabbit and Wolves)
Here’s an amazing vegan gnocchi that'll please meat-lovers and vegans alike. Potatoes and a creamy mushroom Florentine sauce come together to offer up a scrumptious meal.
2. Easy Zuppa Toscano gnocchi soup with Italian sausage and kale (h/t Gimme Some Oven)
Italian sausage and kale kick things up a notch in this gnocchi soup that’s seriously delicious.
3. Sweet potato gnocchi in mushroom butter sauce (h/t Canadian Living)
If you prefer sweet potatoes over their higher carb cousins, here you go! But, this sweet potato gnocchi in a mushroom butter sauce is divine either way.
4. Gnocchi with squash and sweet corn (h/t The Kitchn)
This recipe pairs gnocchi with sweet corn and squash and yields a wonderfully delightful gnocchi that’s savory and sweet all at the same time.
5. Gnocchi mac and cheese (h/t Mmmm Cafe)
Gnocchi mac and cheese…..Can it get any better than this? This is comfort food at its best!
6. Creamy mushroom and spinach gnocchi (h/t Salt and Lavender)
You can have this gnocchi on your dinner table in 30 minutes. Trust me, this is divine. Your taste buds will thank you.
7. Creamy vegan sun-dried tomato pesto gnocchi (h/t This Savory Vegan)
Fresh basil, marinated tomatoes, and garlic come together to offer up this amazing creamy vegan sun-dried tomato pesto gnocchi. Seriously, you have to try this one!
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