8 vegetarian recipes made with sweet potatoes that are so tasty

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Sweet potatoes are amazing things. Apart from tasting fantastic with all those natural sugars and flavorsome flesh, sweet potatoes are incredibly good for you. Sometimes referred to as one of nature's 'complete foods,' sweet potatoes contain tons of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
They're also very versatile and can happily hop from a curry, to a pasta bake to nestling underneath a blanket of marshmallow on the Thanksgiving table. If you're a vegetarian or like to have a few meat-free days each week, then you'll love these recipes celebrating the potato that is anything but humble!
1. Sweet potato lasagna (h/t The Cheap Lazy Vegan)
This awesome recipe comes with a you-can't-go-wrong tutorial to get you from, 'where do I start?' to, 'wow, this tastes incredible!' in super-quick time. It's healthy too, despite the indulgent taste!
2. Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes (h/t Minimalist Baker)
Sweet potatoes cook faster than regular ones, and by cutting them in half, it's even quicker. In fact, you can have this deliciously zingy, herby dish on the table inside 30 minutes for the perfect weekday meal!
3. Sweet potato skins
Sweet potato skins are my kind of “bar food.” They’re filled with flavorful ingredients such as onions, garlic and cheese, but they’re also packed with nutrition. These are a wonderful game-day snack, but they also make a satisfying vegetarian meal. Get the full recipe here.
4. Sweet potato and pomegranate tagine (h/t Vegetarian Times)
An easy, impressive dinner party dish, this fabulous recipe has some really great flavors going on. Fennel, ras el hanout and those pomegranate seeds work so beautifully and the fresh mint added at the end makes the whole thing sing!
5. Sweet potato, red pepper and feta frittata (h/t Cookie and Kate)
Frittatas are really versatile. Great for supper and possibly even better for lunch the day, the sweetness of the vegetables and the salty feta work some serious magic together, while the black beans make the whole thing satisfying and filling.
6. Indian sweet potato and spinach pie (h/t One Green Planet)
This Indian-style pie would make perfect picnic food, as well as the kind of supper that's a real joy to come home to. The sweet potato and spinach are delectable together inside that crispy, crunchy shell. Plus that that yoghurt dip is herby heaven!
7. Loaded sweet potato nachos (h/t Emilie Eats)
Hungry? Make this! Now loaded means loaded, so while the recipe is just fabulous as it is, with cheese, beans, salsa and avocado, feel free to add what makes you happy. Not wild about cilantro? Leave it out. Crazy about cheese with your loaded sweet potatoes? Double it up! Above all, enjoy!
8. Thai sweet potato and coconut red curry (h/t Salt and Lavender)
This red curry is aromatic, soothing and filling. Creamy, slightly sweet and packed with vegetables and herbs bound with a slightly addictive red curry paste, this delicious dish is a treat for friends or perfect to curl up with on the sofa at the end of a long day!
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