Enjoy a taste of the South with these 6 corn pudding recipes

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Corn pudding is a must-have recipe if you plan on cooking for a Southern crowd. This simple, yet tasty, dish reminds many Southerners of their childhoods. Corn pudding may not get the same amount of praise that it did years ago, but one this is for certain--if you dish this up to your guests, they are sure to leave with a smile.
Want to try corn pudding for yourself? Of course you do! These tasty recipes will teach you how to serve up this Southern classic in no time. You and your family are going to love this!
1. Southern corn pudding recipe (h/t I Heart Recipes)
You've not lived unless you've tried a true Southern corn pudding recipe. This dish showcases just why so many people will be lining up for seconds. The golden outside and creamy inside is absolute perfection.
2. Creamy corn pudding (h/t The Kitchen is My Playground)
Corn pudding is naturally creamy, but make it extra decadent by adding in cream corn. You'll be amazed by how this little alteration can make a huge difference.
3. Tennessee honey corn pudding (h/t Key Ingredient)
Everything is better with a little bit of honey. This recipe proves that a little bit of sweetness goes a long way.
4. Paula Deen-inspired corn casserole (h/t Recipe Lion)
Don't confuse simple with boring. This dish is absolutely incredible! It's loaded with a rich, creamy goodness and a crisp topping.
5. Old-fashioned sweet corn pudding (h/t The Weary Chef)
Sometimes the original is just too good to pass up. This old-fashioned version stays true to the basic goodness that all corn pudding casseroles should have.
6. Granma's creamed corn casserole (h/t Unsophisticook)
You'll love that you probably already have all of the ingredients for this recipe in your pantry. Don't plan on having any leftovers with this tasty comfort food!
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