Serve up some Southern homestyle ham hocks by following one of these 6 recipes

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Ham hocks are a critical component of many Southern dishes. They add a bit of savory flavor that transforms an ordinary recipe into something downright delicious. You won't believe the many ways you can use ham hocks to spruce up a meal.
If your stumped on the best way to use ham hocks, then you've come to the right place. Check out these tasty recipes that showcase just how incredible ham hocks are. You and your family will absolutely love this!
1. Southern black eyed peas with smoked ham hocks (h/t TheWolfePit)
Nothing says delicious quite like the amazing flavor of smoked ham hocks. Throw it in with black eyed peas and you have a hearty side that everybody can enjoy.
2. Navy bean and ham soup (h/t Southern Food and Fun)
Nothing says comfort food quite like a boiling pot of beans and ham. This dish is filling enough to easily serve as a main course.
3. Ham hocks, peas, and creamy noodles (h/t The English Kitchen)
If you want something simplistic that is perfect for colder weather, then this recipe is the one to try. It's made with basic ingredients, but it has the creamy, delicious flavor that keeps everybody coming back for more.
4. Southern style collard greens (h/t Simply Recipes)
This Southern classic is a must have on your dinner table. This no-fuss recipe proves that basic ingredients can still yield amazing results.
5. Southern cabbage recipe (h/t I Heart Recipes)
Cabbage really doesn't get the kind of attention it deserves. Throw in some ham hocks and transform ordinary cabbage into a tasty side dish.
6. Slow cooker green beans, ham and potatoes (h/t All Recipes)
You'll never serve up Plain Jane green beans ever again! This recipe shows you just how to spruce up ordinary veggies with a bit of savory ham hocks.
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