Remember to buy cabbage the next time you're at the store. These yummy dishes are true keepers

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You might not think much of cabbage at first glance, but this vegetable is so versatile in cooking. From roasting to baking to stir-fry, this vegetable can enhance an almost endless variety of dishes.
Whether it's in a salad, soup, or main entree, cabbage can be a hearty, nutritious base for any meal. The recipes below show how easy cooking with cabbage can be. All recipes are vegetarian-friendly.
Cabbage salad
Cabbage is a delicious and hearty base for any salad, and this recipe is no different. In it, several varieties of cabbage are united with a slightly sweet dressing to make a colorful salad just right for a picnic or barbecue. The best part? It keeps very well. Get the recipe here.
Spicy cabbage soup
This recipe is comforting enough for cold winter days, and it's also a perfect choice when you're looking for a quick and easy detox meal. It's full of vegetables, so you'll feel great after you eat it. Get the recipe here.
Cabbage rolls
If you've never had cabbage rolls, don't knock them until you try them. They might sound a little bit bizarre, but they're so delicious. Get the recipe here.
Low carb baked cabbage
Cabbage is a seriously underrated vegetable. It’s jam-packed with nutrients – including vitamins C and K, as well as fiber, the amino acid glutamine and antioxidants that can help lower your risk of cancer. Plus, it can be cooked in many ways for a delicious side dish. This recipe calls for baking it under a blanket of sour cream and cheese.
Garlic roasted cabbage
Roasting cabbage adds an extra layer of flavor to this seemingly boring vegetable. The caramelization creates an amazing flavor that simmered or raw cabbage simply lacks. Get the recipe here.
Boiled cabbage
This is as simple as it gets. For seasoning, use salt, pepper, and butter. You can also add some cider vinegar to enhance the flavor. Get the recipe here.
Vegetarian country cabbage soup
Just one teaspoon adds a savory smokiness to the meal. Including Great Northern beans instead of beef is a great way to fill up hungry diners. Get the recipe here.
Wine-braised cabbage
The addition of wine gives the end cabbage dish a completely different taste than the raw form. Once you cook the cabbage in butter and cabbage, it'll be hard to have it another way. Get the recipe here.
Vegetarian cabbage stir-fry
When you think of cabbage, what comes to mind? Most people probably think about coleslaw, but I always think about my grandmother’s noodles and cabbage. It was a simple dish – literally just noodles and cabbage – that put dinner on the table during lean times. Over the years, I modified her basic version to become this recipe. It's filled with heart-healthy vegetables, and I swapped in zoodles (spiralized zucchini) for the pasta noodles.​
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